My morning-after jacket: Jonathan Adler, my DIFFA coat and me

In tomorrow’s print edition, you can read all about Jonathan Adler, the master potter and decor guru — and partner to Barneys creative director Simon Doonan — who has just opened a new boutique in Uptown, across from the Mitchell Gold+Bob WIlliams store. (We may need to rename the block Oak Lawn East.) The interview was fun in part because I showed up to it dressed in a piece of clothing Adler would certainly recognize: The smoking jacket he designed and donated to DIFFA this year, for which I made the winning bid.

After the jump you’ll see him reunited for the first (and probably last) time, Adler and his fine Chinese silk dinner coat … and me … plus a few more shots from our photo shoot.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

GIVEAWAY: “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” book in honor of this week’s Literary Issue

For this week’s Literary Issue, I thought I’d expand on the theme by giving away a book a day (sans weekends) until next week’s ish hits the stands. And if you think I’m just trying to clean out my shelves, well you are just darn wrong. Absolutely. But I do have a small collection of LGBT-written books that I’m more than glad to share with you.

Kicking off the giveaways with a bang, I have a  copy of Simon Doonan’s cheeky book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat — in hardback! Released in January, Doonan takes a witty look at the fabulous quotient that befalls every gay man and teaches how to execute it with precision. Hey, we need these life lessons, even if we think we know them and Doonan qualifies after imparting his expertise on America’s Next Top Model, and as the creative director for Barneys New York. OK, just have fun with the book. From

—  Rich Lopez