Movie Monday: “Snow White and the Huntsman” now playing

It’s good to be an evil queen

What sets this Snow White apart is how the filmmakers have feminized the action and the metaphors with a modern sensibility; the evil queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron, pictured) is not merely vain, but as body-obsessed as a Cosmo reader, and probably a man-hating lesbian. Snow (Kristen Stewart) is an English-speaking Joan of Arc, rallying her troops for righteousness.

There are several missteps in this slightly overlong adventure, an uneasy amalgam of Harry Potter, Twilight (the queens powers are positively vampiric), Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings, but none are unsurmountable. And like the latter two films, the first-time director, Rupert Sanders, treats the material with the epic solemnity of fact-based myths like Gladiator: We are meant to be invested in the Christian mythos (she dies, comes back to life and brings peace to the realm by defeating a practitioner of dark arts).

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—  Rich Lopez

This week’s takeaways: Life+Style

Fort Worth’s Q Cinema got underway last night with the screening of the period drama Funkytown, but there’s plenty of good programming all weekend long. And while you’re in Cowtown, check out some of the performances at the Fort Worth Opera (if you haven’t already, send in your email to win tickets to some performances this weekend.)

If you prefer to stick closer to Dallas, Paula Poundstone is performing Saturday night at the Lakewood Theater. And if you haven’t seen it already — seriously!?!? — Mamma Mia is playing at Fair Park Music Hall, courtesy of Dallas Summer Musicals. Tonight at Revive is the latest Gay Dallas Happy Hour, starting at 5 p.m., with DJ Paul Kraft spinning (the food is worth a bite, too).

There’re some leather events this weekend as well, from the spank-happy Butt Busters leather event on Saturday to the Women’s International Leatherfest, going on all weekend. And Snow White and the Huntsman is the summer movie you wanna catch (complete with a Hemsworth, pictured) before Prometheus comes out next week.

Stealing a little god-of-thunder from Marvel’s announcement that its gay Northstar superhero would get hitched later this month, DC Comics has outed the Green Lantern as gay. He certainly has always had fashion sense. And it may erase some memories of the Ryan Reynolds movie from last year.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones