Local lez musicans to go west for their first out of state tour — and wouldn’t mind some help

I received an email from local musician Sonya Jevette that she was about to embark on her first tour outside of Texas with two other musicians. She along with SuZanne Kimbrell and Rocio Aranda, AKA Immigrant Punk, announced their tour to Los Angeles earlier this month and they are doing it on the DIY. It was an easy decision for Jevette, once Kimbrell suggested it.

“My whole attitude for this year is go big or go home,” Jevette says, “so when SuZanne said ‘Let’s go to L.A.,’ I said ‘When?'”

And they’re doing it. You can see all their upcoming dates here.

Now they are just asking for some help.

—  Rich Lopez

REVIEW: Twist Dallas on Thursday night at LBG

While Thursday night’s Twist Dallas music event had to compete with the Dallas Mavericks for attention, organizer SuZanne Kimbrell was nonetheless impressed with the show. A small turnout at Lakewood Bar & Grill didn’t take away from the fact that the talent was top notch.

Starting with Natalie Velasquez, a 19 year-old guitarist out of Denton, the night was destined for dive bar greatness. Her jazzy sound and smoky, deep voice exuded nice poise for such a young performer. At times, she recalled Meshell Ndegeocello. Her voice has a beautifully aged soul tone that belies her tiny build. Her backing band, which apparently was partly cobbled that day, was also a strong, solid package. Please, Velasquez, keep this lineup together.

Check out part of performance here.

I worried that follow-up Danny Siuba might underwhelm with just him and an electric piano. Even he told me later that he worried a tad about following up Velasquez’s performance, but he met the challenge. His work on the keys was so sharp and pristine that they tickled every nerve ending in my ear. He’s classically trained according to Kimbrell so this shouldn’t surprise, but he also played with great assertion that proved his confidence with his instrument. I heard traces of Rufus Wainwright and Owen Pallett in him, but his voice was a bit gravelly. Singer Sonya Jevette was there filming for SoundByte and tried to convince me he was a young Neil Diamond. I wasn’t hearing that so much. In certain registers, he sang well, and in louder ones, he just needed some polish. But he’s only 21 and his pop-piano tunes were well constructed. Plus, the guy, 21, drove here from Santa Fe to perform and handmade his own CD covers with handwritten lyrics. So it’s hard to fault the guy for much.

—  Rich Lopez

Is local out musician Sonya Jevette going biker chick on us?

Local musician Sonya Jevette just posted a reminder to check her out on Internet radio station Biker.FM today at 5:30 p.m. And yes, it is a station devoted to motorcycle culture. She’ll be featured on Lil Bill and the Gang’s show. After her radio stint today, according to her site, she performs tomorrow night at Reno’s Chop Shop in Deep Ellum. Reno’s is known mostly as a biker hangout and heavy metal music venue (and serves some strong-ass drinks, if I may add).

So, is the indie soul rocker changing sounds? Despite her song, “I’m Not Tracy” (which is a free download on her MySpace page), she does run in that Tracy Chapman/neo-soul vein. And wonderfully so, I might add. But her latest YouTube video, “Stormy Monday” shows her more bluesy side. Here, she sounds a bit harder and grittier here than she’s ever had before.

Maybe she’s in that reinvention phase. Musicians do that, ya know.online gameновые ниши в бизнесе

—  Rich Lopez