SPCA offering reward in animal cruelty case

Here at Dallas Voice, we are getting ready this week to publish our Pet Issue, which will hit newsstands on Friday. Since we are preparing for that special issue, I thought it would be appropriate to pass along this bit of information:photo774

The SPCA of Texas, through funding by the Murrell Foundation, is offering a $5,000 reward tO anyone who provides information leading to the indictment of the suspect or suspects responsible for impaling two house cats by their hind legs on a fence outside an apartment complex in the 2900 block of Redmond Drive in Dallas.

The complex is located near the intersection of I-30 and Westmoreland Road. The incident happened shortly before 3 a.m. on June 27.

Anyone with information on the crime should contact Dallas Police Detective Ira Carter at 214-671-0633.

SPCA of Texas President James Bias noted that there is “a well-documented link” between cruelty to animals and violence against humans. Cruelty toward animals, he said, is “often an early warning sign of violent tendencies” toward humans, and “Child cruelty to animals has been linked to later anti-social and aggressive behavior.”

The SPCA statement announcing the reward also said: “The SPCA of Texas is committed to stopping this cycle [of abuse] through maintaining an active Rescue and Investigations team that responds to reports of abuse and neglect in eight North Texas counties, through lobbying the Texas Legislature to strengthen animal cruelty laws, by encouraging the community to get involved in their local and state government to advocate for animals and by encouraging individuals to report suspected animal cruelty to their local law enforcement agency and the SPCA of Texas. To report suspected animal cruelty or abuse to the SPCA of Texas, call 214-742-SPCA (7722) or visit www.spca.org/abuse.

—  Tammye Nash

Dallas Animal Services releases new gay-friendly pet adoption ad

Dallas Animal Services has a simple message: “Adopt a shelter pet.” The inclusive ad depicts a couple of LGBT families adopting dogs and cats.

The modern, new shelter is located on the northeast corner of Westmoreland Road and I-30. From downtown, exit Hampton Road and remain on the service road to Westmoreland, then turn right. This shelter replaced the old ones in Oak Cliff near the zoo and in Pleasant Grove.

—  David Taffet

Pet lovers unite and shop tonight at Northpark

Just a quick mention that tonight, Lilly Pulitzer at Northpark is hosting a cocktails and shopping event tonight. Now, shopping and drinking might be some of y’all’s weekend hobby but tonight, it’s about the cats and dogs. This party kicks off the SPCA of North Texas’ FurBall in November. Tonight is a sort of the teaser trailer for the big shindig with 10% of sales benefiting the SPCA.

If only I could tell you how this relates to my upcoming lead story this week in the Life+Styles section.

The event starts tonight at 6 p.m. This party must be fancy. The last line of their e-mail said, “We will have a photographer there, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.”регистрация сайта в яндекс каталоге

—  Rich Lopez