Sign of the times: Your bad grammer is the reason you suck

Far be it for me to critize someone else’s spelling or grammar. Over the years I’ve let slip my fair share of typos. Of course, none of them were in permanent foot-high lettering, so let the the criticism commence!

Found on Stanford betweeen Westheimer and Lovett

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Ben Quayle is running for Congress in Arizona; here’s one person’s response to his ever-so-butch campaign ad

Ben Quayle, son of the spelling-impaired former vice president, Dan Quayle, is running as a Republican to represent Arizona in Congress. And he’s has a campaign ad out that start’s with his declaration that President Barack Obama is the worst president ever.

It’s a very butch ad, with Ben looking stern and determined. But some folks aren’t buying the butch act. Check out YouTube user robtish’s “tiniest of tweaks” to the ad:

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