Who has the tighter tight end?


I’ve heard several people mention over the years that they think Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten, right, is hot. But I’ve noticed that the now-first-place Philadelphia Eagles also have a hunk playing this position, Brent Celek, left. And I’m not just pointing it out because I’m an Eagles fan (although, as I mentioned, they are in first place as of last night). OK, better get back to work now …сопровождение сайта алматыопределения позиций сайта в поисковиках

—  John Wright

And the Gay Games will be held in…


Yeah, that’s why I didn’t put it in the headline.

But I kid. Cleveland is great. I suppose. Still, it is part of Ohio, which was instrumental in swinging the 2004 election toward Bush with an anti-gay ballot initiative. But the mayor of the city says they are “prepared to roll out the welcome mat to the LGBT athletes their families and spectators from around the world.” That’s nice.

The Gay Games actually attract more participants than the Olympics (though the TV coverage is oddly less pervasive). Cleveland’s version takes places in 2014; the next ceremony will be in Cologne, Germany in July and August of 2010. Previous host cities include San Francisco (twice),  Vancouver, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney (the same year as the 2002 Olympics there) and the last one, 2006’s in Chicago.фирма по продвижению сайтов

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Mitcham gets an (overdue) apology


We have a story in Friday’s print edition (link to it here) where columnist Hardy Haberman opines about the (bad) decision of NBC not to show gay Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham’s partner or even profile the upset diving victor.

Now comes this news report online: 

“NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel has apologized to Australian gold-medal winner Matthew Mitcham for not profiling the openly gay diver during the network’s coverage or showing his partner in the stands at the time of his victory. ‘We regret that we missed the opportunity to tell Matthew Mitcham’s story. We apologize for this unintentional omission,’ Zenkel said.”

 Maybe four years from now, NBC can enter the 21st century.ezoterika-forumоптимизация сайта для яндекс

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

A gold medal with some pink in it


Finally, a guy wins gold in the water whose name isn’t “Phelps” … but who certainly had gay guys cheering. And he’s not even an American.

Matthew Mitcham, the openly gay Australian diver, thwarted China’s hopes of complete domination in all diving medal sports by surpassing the Chinese contingent in the 10 m platform event. 

Mitcham was a recent cover boy for the gay newsmagazine The Advocate, where he resisted being hyped as the next Greg Louganis. But for now at least, he doesn’t have a choice. cheat-kodпоисковое продвижение сайтов цена

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

The Gaylimpics

John Amaechi, the openly gay former NBA star, is in Beijing and will be blogging about the Olympics from there for the next two weeks. You can check it out here.  online mobile rpggoogle контекстная реклама

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gays and sports: A magic combination?

Blogger Hugo Schwyzer recently opined, with help from Andrew Sullivan, that jurisdictions that approve same-sex mariage create a boon… for their sports teams. Consider: Since Massachusetts pulled the trigger in 2003, the Boston Red Sox have finally shed the curse of the Bambino — twice! — and the Celtics broke a 22 year losing streak to win the NBA championship this year.

And that’s just in the U.S. Spain: legalizes same-sex marriage in 2005, nation wins the Euro 2008; Canada: marriage in 2005, in 2006 more Winter Olympic medals go to the Great White North than ever before; South Africa: marriage in 2006, country wins the 2007 World Rugby Cup; Denmark: introduces gay unions in 1989, wins the European World Championship in 1992.

Smart money in 2008 and 2009 is on UCLA, the L.A. Kings, the Lakers, the 49ers, and for the Dodgers to face the Angels in the World Series — assuming the constitutional amendment doesn’t pass in November.продвижение сайта контекстная  реклама

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Oh, scrum!

This in from Ireland: The Dallas Diablos Rugby Football squad was stopped in the quarter-finals of the Bingham Cup, taking place in Dublin this week. But the team is optimistic, sending word that games will resume in the fall (in Dallas), and they’d even light to bring the Bingham Cup to Dallas in 2010.topodin.comреклама автосервиса пример

—  Arnold Wayne Jones