Uganda’s Martin Ssempa Accused Of Faking A Sodomy Scandal Against Another Pastor

Uganda's Pastor Martin Ssempa, the "eat da poo poo" lead proponent of the country's Kill The Gays bill, is among eight individuals detained on allegations of conspiring to defame Pastor Robert Kayanja. Something about false allegations of forced sodomy?


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Ugandan pastor uses gay porn to push anti-gay bill

As lawmakers in Uganda continue to consider legislation that would impose the death penalty on anyone convicted of “aggravated homosexuality,” of being HIV-positive and having sex and having gay sex with someone under 18, and which would punish people who know someone else is gay and doesn’t report them to police, one pastor there is going all-out in his support of the proposed law.

The Christian Post is reporting that Pastor Martin Ssempa on Wednesday decided to show his congregation — including some children, apparently— photos that appear to date to the 1970s of white men engaging in gay sex. And, the Web site says, it isn’t the first time. Last month, Ssempa took to the pulpit and played a “disgusting power point about what ‘homosexuals do in their bedrooms.’ (or what he thought occurred),” according to a blog post from a Pacific Luthern University student stuyding in Kampala.

Gay rights groups have condemned Ssempa for showing pornographic images to children, and even some of the folks who support the anti-gay law think the pastor went too far.

But Ssempa is unrepentant. He said, “In Africa, what you do in your bedroom affects our clan, it affects our tribe, it affects our nation. We are in the process of legislation and we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do.”обособленное определение этосоздание тур сайта

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