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Art-Tables-GlassesTOP SHELF DRINK

No more boring white ceramic mugs for tea or coffee. These Art Table Glasses designed by Fratelli Guzzini add an extra zing to caffeine lovers. But these Italian made cups and saucers are so adorable, it might be hard to give them away. The Art Table Glasses set is priced at $129.

Cantoni, 4800 Alpha Road.



Piggies aren’t the only animals that can carry all that change around. This vintage cast-iron horse can store those nickels and dimes while adding a touch of sophisticated flair to the décor. The bank is priced at $45.

Bryan Street Traders, 4217 Bryan St.


Foodies and top chefs will likely grin over these Bialetti pasta pots. The 5-quart pots feature an innovative lock-on lid with built-in strainer. That means no more colanders. The pots come in three colors (purple, blue and orange) and will light up any kitchen with their utility and cheery looks. They are priced at $34.95.

Available through



The new mPulse Sauna Series by Sunlighten brings the sauna into the house. The stylish high-tech design of the Aspire model includes Blaupunkt stereo system and cd/dvd player, and it comes in cedar, basswood or teak. The entertainment distracts as the infrared sauna therapy works its magic, helping with weight loss, heart health and detoxification. And for their size, these saunas plug into any household outlet and run on less electricity than a hairdryer. The Aspire model
starts at $5,798. 877-292-0020.


Perfect for the trendy cook, these knives will add a punch of color to any kitchen. The Hampton Forge Tomodachi 10-piece knife block is vibrant in appearance and comfortable in grip. And each knife is color coordinated to its specific use, such as yellow for paring, purple for cutting bread and red for slicing tomatoes. Easy as pie. The set is priced at $59.99.

Available at Target stores and


We’re gonna rock it tonight!

As all good theater queens know, Stephen Sondheim is the greatest Broadway composer and lyricist of all time, and one of his monster hits is West Side Story. The historic film adaptation (one of the biggest Oscar- winning films of all time) is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a spectacular DVD and Blu-Ray collectors’ editions, new this week. The set gloriously restores the original to its vivid, exciting best. Extras include song-specific commentary by Sondheim himself, a storyboard comparison, selection of theatrical trailers and much more.

Available at Barnes and Noble stores and


Music lovers may shed a tear over Nina Simone – The Complete RCA Albums Collection. The extensive collection contains nine CDs from Simone’s catalog along with 35 bonus tracks and deep cuts. From blues to African to jazz, Simone’s moving voice is displayed in all forms with signature hits like “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” and “I Loves You Porgy.” Original cover-art reproductions are included as well as her songs covered by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles and more. The collection is priced at $71.99.

Available through



Flowers may end up playing second fiddle to these licorice vases designed by Ligne Roset. Each vase is made of blown glass and is hand cut, making for a unique piece. The blue and grape coloring may make them look like candy, but the design is pure sophistication. The vases start at $109.

Ligne Roset, 4516 McKinney Ave. 214-526-2220.


For those who keep to the written word, Papyrus has launched the Natalizia Collection of Italian leather bound journals. The refillable notebooks are sophisticated and elegant and ideal for sketchers and writers. The Natalizia notebooks come in brown and camel, and start at $70.

Available at Papyrus locations and

—  Kevin Thomas

The Village comes to Big D

ECLECTIC BOUTIQUE | Designer Tom John shows off some of the ‘retro, vintage chic, eclectic’ items for sale in his new shop Bryan Street Traders. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

Store features an eclectic array of items from art to clothing created by owner Tom John

DAVID TAFFET | Staff Writer

When clothing designer Tom John moved to Dallas, he found himself missing his Greenwich Village hangouts. So he decided to recreate that Village atmosphere here in Big D, and thus was born John’s new Bryan Street Traders in East Dallas.

John’s career as a designer started back in the 1970s in Mexico where he designed jewelry and swans made of papier-mache and wood that he sold to upscale galleries in Manhattan.

Then he started designing clothing made from hand-woven cotton found only in Mexico, turning peasant designs into high fashion and creating a clothing line that was an instant success. In the 1980s, his clothing was featured in magazines such as Exercise for Men Only.

John ended up in Dallas because the area’s airport allowed him to commute easily between Guadalajara and New York. And since 1990, he has manufactured his garments here. Although the wholesale cost, he said, was a few dollars more than producing in Mexico, he saved in shipping and travel costs.

In describing his creative process, John explained, “I see it in my head and an artist draws the pattern.” Then the pattern is cut and sewn into a test garment and John uses that to decide if that was what he had in mind.

Changes are made if necessary, and then the pattern is sized. John’s new store features his shirt designs that run in sizes up to 5X.

From his women’s rack, John pulled one dress that he said comes from his very first design — a cream-colored dress that he said he based on a design from a 1951 Sophia Loren film.

But Bryan Street Traders is more than clothing. John described the array of items as “retro, vintage chic, eclectic.”

The offerings range from art to jewelry, from furniture to an array of household items.

“I have ‘pickers’ who find things,” John said, describing how he assembled his assortment of merchandise, “But we don’t buy off the street.”

One customer in the store brought a straight-edge razor up to the counter.

“The razor is from Sheffield, the oldest metalworking factory in the world,” John explained and with a magnifying glass found identifying marks on the piece.

“Everything in the store is authentic,” he said.

The store is located just off Peak Street in an area just being redeveloped with new restaurants. on the corner and apartments on the block.

Bryan Street Traders, 4217 Bryan Street. Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition Feb. 25, 2011.

—  John Wright