Watch: Adam Lambert Sucks Face for Westboro Baptist Church


The "God hates fags" crowd from Westboro Baptist Church was scheduled to protest the Adam Lambert concert in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday night. 

Fans were ready. Two hundred counter-protesters showed up. However, the Fred Phelps clan didn't, Daily Kos reports:

"Still, the openly gay singer (a frequent target of WBC ire) came out to greet his supporters and autograph their protest signs; tweeted his outrage at the 'Westboro Bastard Church of Ignorance'; and kissed a male bandmate during his show, adding: 'Suck on this, Westboro.'"

Watch video of the kiss, and of Lambert's visit to the counterprotesters, AFTER THE JUMP

A visit from Adam Lambert:

Towleroad News #gay

—  John Wright