Queer athlete Diana Nyad sets awesome swimming record


Everyone knows that gay culture is preoccupied with youth. Blah blah blah. But you don’t have to be under 30 to demonstrate your physical prowess. Or even under 40. Or even 64.

Diana Nyad, the lesbian swimming legend and sports commentator, has set numerous marathon water records in her storied career, has tried five times to set another record: swimming more than 100 miles from Cuba to Florida without benefit of a shark cage or wet suit. She failed four times.

But not this weekend when, after 53 hours, she came ashore off Key West on Monday. She is 64 years old.

I’ve been a huge fan of Nyad since I was a kid, but every time she has attempted this record in recent years — while I have rooted for her — I have thought she should just give up. She’s not getting any younger.

But boy, did she prove me wrong.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Lesbian athlete attempting to swim from Havana to the Florida Keys — again

At 61, former NPR reporter Diana Nyad is swimming for the record books.

In Greek mythology, the naiads were, basically, water nymphs, presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams and brooks.

Lesbian athlete and former NPR reporter Diana Nyad, 61, hopes to conquer a somewhat bigger body of water as she attempts to swim from Havana, Cuba, to the Florida Keys in 60 hours, without a wetsuit or a shark cage. She left Havana Sunday and intends to complete the 103-mile distance sometime Wednesday, according to this report by ChicagoPride.com.

CNN, the only news media outlet that will have reporters in the boats accompanying Nyad, talked with the swimmer before she left Sunday. She told CNN she believes she is in the prime of her life. She said: “When I walk up on those shores of Florida, I want to prove to the AARP crowd that it’s not too late to go back and write that book or adopt that child. … The joke is the 60s are the new 40s, and it’s true. … I want to be there to say we have many, many years of vitality and strength and service left in us.”

Like anybody who has listened regularly to NPR, I had heard of Diana Nyad. But I never knew that she was a world-record-holding swimmer. In 1970 at age 20, in her first distance swim, she set a women’s world record by swimming 10 miles across Lake Ontario in four hours, 22 minutes. In 1974, she set another world record by finishing the 22-mile Bay of Naples race in Italy in eight hours, 11 minutes. The next year, at age 26, Nyard swam around the island of Manhattan — 28 miles total — in seven hours, 57 minutes.

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Rice x390 (pickup) I Advocate.comAustralian rugby star Ian Roberts has condemned Olympic swimmer
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—  John Wright