Taffet’s story of his husband’s death helps focus attention of 911 call failures

David Taffet, left, and his late husband, Brian Cross, at their wedding in June 2016. (Photo by Tammye Nash)

Yesterday (Wednesday, March 15), David Taffet shared this story about the night his husband, Brian Cross, died, and how it took 911 some 20 minutes to answer his call. David was then interviewed by every local news station —Fox 4, NBC 5, WFAA Channel 8, CBS Channel 11, CW 33 and Telemundo — and by the CBS Morning News. I hear that the story aired this morning by WFAA Channel 8 was picked up by the national ABC morning news show, Good Morning America, too.

David’s story is also on the front page of today’s Dallas Morning News. (See video below.)

We will never know if Brian might still be alive had it not taken so long for David to be able to get in touch with 911. And that is exactly the point. So while I know it is so very difficult for David to have to relive that night each time he tells the story, I also know he’s willing to keep telling the story if it will help keep the same thing from happening to someone else.

—  Tammye Nash

UPDATE: Groups pull ad opposing AT&T takeover of T-Mobile over complaints of transphobia

Instant Tea called it transphobic, but some commenters disagreed. Either way, the ad has been pulled. From All Things Digital:

By mid-afternoon on Tuesday, the groups backing the ad had begun receiving complaints and a Sprint representative confirmed to Mobilized that the ads are being pulled.

“We believe the proposed transaction is really bad for consumers, the industry and the country,” a Sprint representative said. “We supported these efforts to get that message out broadly to consumers. We certainly apologize the material offended anyone. That was not our intent.”

—  John Wright

Sprint’s transphobic new ad opposing Dallas-based AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile

Dallas-based AT&T Inc. faces its first congressional hearing Wednesday on the company’s $39 billion takeover bid for T-Mobile USA. The deal is opposed by other mobile carriers including Sprint, which helped pay for the below ad declaring, “No matter how you dress it up, this takeover is bad for consumers and the economy.”


—  John Wright