Tailwinds blowing Cicilline (and no, conservative detractors, that’s not a gay sexual euphemism)

6A00D8341C503453Ef0133F43B1522970BSome favorable polling for out mayor of Providence, RI, David Cicilline, in his bid for the congressional seat being vacated by Patrick Kennedy:

A gay Rhode Island Democrat seeking election to a U.S. House seat this fall is maintaining a double-digit lead against his Republican opponent, according to a recent polling memo obtained by the Blade.

Cicilline leads GOP opponent by double-digits: poll [Wash Blade]

So not to count chickens: But there’s certainly good reason for Barney Frank, Jared Polis, and Tammy Baldwin to rework their three part harmonies. Which is obviously good for LGBTs, counting all of the chickens who simply refuse to take on our matters.

Or better yet: Let’s get Palm Springs mayor Steve Pougnet and NJ’s Ed Postonak in their seats as well, and then we’ll have six — count ’em — SIX LGB members of Congress. Because House glass ceilings are sooooo twenty years ago. Or sooooo senatorial, I guess you could say.

Good As You

—  John Wright