State Fair of Texas opens today

You had us at ‘howdy,’ Big Tex

When the Food Choice Awards rolled out fried bubblegum as the Most Creative winner, we weren’t immediately on board. Yes, we know it’s a marshmallow that tastes like gum, but do we get to stick it under our ferris wheel seat when we’re done? Sure, we’ll try it, but the Best Taste winner Buffalo chicken in a flapjack rings like heaven in our ears. Welcome back, State Fair.

DEETS: Fair Park, 1121 First Ave. Through Oct. 23. $13.95.

—  Rich Lopez

Jeebus Tastes Like Doritos

Catholics and Freepers have launched a petition against this entry in a contest in which the winning ad will be aired during the Super Bowl. Currently, this clip leads in the voting. Wait until Bill Donohue sees it!

(Tipped by JMJ reader Lynda)

Joe. My. God.

—  admin