WATCH: French disco duo Alcantaresque trips out with ‘Tormenta’

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Upon receiving the Dropboxed press kit for the “Birth of a new Gay French electro duet,” our curiosity was definitely piqued. Immediately, we thought of the Pet Shop Boys with berets or the pop-gone twins Tegan and Sara — but, ya know, gayer … and with male parts.

What we  got was not quite what was expected.

Alcantaresque poses some major flair in their press kit alone, with a comic-book-style intro detailing the duos back story and genesis. Composed of Little Nemo and “vocal performer” Mr. William out of Paris, the duo then invites us to discover their first single “Tormenta” in an extended version on YouTube, which you can watch after the jump.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Tegan and Sara set for show at Annette Strauss, tickets go on sale Friday

Tegan and Sara Quin, the Canadian identical twin sisters who perform under the name Tegan and Sara, return to Dallas for a concert at Annette Strauss Artist Square next to the Winspear Opera House on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. Tickets for the show, which features opening act Speak, go on sale at at 10 a.m. Friday.

We interviewed the sisters, who are also both lesbian, a few years ago in Dallas Voice. Their latest CD, also a DVD, is 2011’s Get Along.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

LGBT celebs tweet responses to Obama’s support of marriage equality

The big news of the day for LGBT Americans is President Obama’s vocal support of marriage equality which he stated in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts. After the jump, read just a select few tweets from LGBT celebs who took to the Twitter-verse with their responses to Obama.

—  Rich Lopez

Best Bets • 09.10.10

Friday 09.10

Getting intimate with a set of twins

Don’t underestimate the tiny twin sisters Tegan and Sara. They are giants in music as they proved with the huge turnout they drew at the Palladium earlier this year. They come back opening for Paramore at Verizon Theatre, but make a stop at Good Records for an intimate in-store appearance. Get there early and priority will be given to customers making a T&S purchase. We predict the store will fill up quickly.

DEETS: Good Records, 1808 Greenville Ave. 2:30 p.m. Free.

Friday 09.10

A fine time with some fine art

The hip gallery Artisan Style is determined to introuce Dallas to its hidden art scene and teams with CityArtCal to do so. In conjunction with CityArtCal’s annual art engagement book, Artisan Style presents many of the artists’ work from the book at the gallery to show off what Dallas art patrons are missing.

DEETS: Artisan Style, 247 Mahon St. 5 p.m. or

Tuesday 09.14

This kind of blues is ideal
The Blue Man Group comes to town with its innovative performance of music, comedy and whatever else they throw in the mix. With alien looks and complete silence, these blue men should blow you away.

DEETS: Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora St. Sept. 19–26. $40–$150.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 3, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

Concert notice: Good Records announces Tegan & Sara in-store performance in September

Tegan & Sara

Other than a Facebook udpate, there aren’t much more details at the moment, but Good Records just posted this:

Just found out that Tegan & Sara will be stopping by for an instore acoustic performance when they are in town with Paramore.

The duo plays with Paramore Sep. 10 at Verizon Theatre as part of the Honda Civic Tour. Tickets are already on sale. If it’s like Good Records’ other in-store shows, T & S will likely play the day of, but it could be an early gig. The show at Verizon is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. It’s a Friday, so you might have to beg the boss to let you start your weekend a little early. And if it’s packed anything like their show at the Palladium earlier this year, then plan on getting there early. But we’re speculating here. We’ll keep you posted when Good Records releases more deets.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert notice: Indigo Girls play HOB in May

The Indigo Girls are back on the road in support of their 2009 double CD, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug. They’ve forgone the major label route and released Bug on their own indie label, IG Recordings. So it looks like they’ve come full circle since their lauded 1987 indie debut, Strange Fire.

They don’t go for a lot of drama onstage but like their younger lesbian counterparts, Tegan and Sara, they are likely to deliver a quality show. Although, we kinda dug the retro feel of their show last year at the Lakewood (below).

The Indigo Girls play at House of Blues, May 28 at 9 p.m. Tickets on sale now.заказать копирайтинг киевпопулярность запросов google

—  Rich Lopez

Tegan & Sara at Palladium Ballroom last night


Last night, I would imagine that many religious experiences were had at the Tegan & Sara show. With each first note from their more than substantial playlist, there was jumping, screaming and yelping that were all just short of falling on the floor and speaking in tongues. And clearly, Tegan & Sara were goddesses to the packed house of hip lesbians and the people who love them.

—  Rich Lopez