ACLU also going after Texas Board of Education over curriculum guidelines

Yesterday, I posted this item about Equality Texas’ plans to attend the Texas State Board of Education meeting to demand that the board revise its Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards to include LGBT people and more accurately the state’s diversity.

Today, I got word that the ACLU of Texas isn’t too happy with the SBOE, either, and is accusing the board of “systemic abuse of power,” and calling on the state Legislature to limit board members’ ability to “insert personal ideologies into curriculum content”

ACLU of Texas Executive Director Terri Burke declared, “A public school curriculum should promote academic integrity, not ideological agendas.”

Burke also noted that the SBOE next meets May 18-21 in Austin, and that the public comment period on the proposed TEKS standards extends through May 19. She said the SBOE already has received more than 20,000 comments.

Go here to read ACLU’s report on the SBOE and the standards and the organization’s list of suggestions on what the Legislature needs to do to curb abuse by the SBOE members.vzlomat-wifi.comреклама в интернете цены

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Equality Texas calls on Board of Education to include LGBT people in TEKS standards

Equality Texas 594x144Equality Texas today issued a statement calling on the Texas State Board of Education to revise the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards to more accurately reflect the diversity of the Lone Star State’s population by including information on LGBT people.

The statement, whose title accused “radical revisionists” of “highjacking our students’ education,” said Equality Texas has submitted “more than a dozen comments and suggested revisions” to the state board that would “help foster a healthier development for all Texas youth.”

The statement said Equality Texas representatives will be attending the May 19 meeting of the SBOE to advocate for the suggested revisions. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the William B. Travis Building in Austin.

“Even though nearly three out of four adults in the United States personally know or work with a gay or transgender person, the standards treat LGBT people as non-existent,” the statement said.

Among the suggested revisions proposed by Equality Texas are:

• foster healthy lives for our kids with an accurate discussion of gender and sexual orientation/identity under the psychology and/or sociology sections;
• discuss non-traditional families (blended, families led by same-sex couples and single parents) under the sociology section;
•include past and current human rights struggle of LGBT people under the United States History Studies section.

For more information, contact Equality Texas.сайтпродвижение сайта за рубежом

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