Police issue trespassing warning to lesbian after she reports possible hate crime in Terrell

The victim said she suffered a sprained wrist, shown days later, when the neighbor charged her and pushed her to the ground after yelling, "We don't want your kind here."

A Kaufman County lesbian couple is concerned about their safety after a neighbor assaulted one of the women in a possible anti-gay hate crime during an argument over fireworks on the Fourth of July.

The couple also said they are outraged that police issued one of them a trespassing warning and listed the neighbor who committed the assault as a victim in the report, even though he had no injuries. The woman who was assaulted suffered a sprained wrist.

The couple, who asked that their names be withheld for safety reasons, said they were sitting on the patio in front of their home in Terrell on July 4 when fireworks being set off at the neighbor’s house across the street began landing in their yard.

One of the women went to the neighbor’s home around 9 p.m. to inform him that the fireworks were landing in their yard and asked him to be more careful. She said he became upset and yelled at her to leave his property.

After another firework landed in the couple’s yard a short time later, the woman took it to the neighbor’s house and showed it to him.

That’s when he yelled at her to leave his property and said she could not prove it was one of his fireworks. The woman told Instant Tea she “pushed the firework toward his stomach and threw it on the ground.”

The neighbor then yelled at her, “We don’t want your kind here” and “You’re not wanted here” and told her they should move to where their “kind” was welcome. After she started backing up, the man “charged her” and pushed her backward, knocking her to the ground, she said.

She went back home and her partner called the police. She went to the doctor the next morning and learned she had a sprained wrist and would have to have it bandaged for several days before returning to the doctor.

—  Dallasvoice