Dallas Stonewall Dems targeted by tea party PAC, but complaint dismissed


A tea party political action committee that has filed three complaints with the state ethics commission against the San Antonio Stonewall chapter also filed a complaint against the Dallas chapter.

The Texas Ethics Advisory Board, which has no affiliation with the state ethics commission, reviewed the San Antonio chapter’s campaign finance report because its an LGBT organization.

Omar Narvaez, president of the Dallas chapter, said he thought the man behind the PAC targeted Stonewall chapters because they are LGBT groups. He said the complaint against the Dallas group centered around a wrong address. The group received a letter Tuesday from the state ethics commission dismissing the claim for a lack of sufficient information in the PAC’s complaint.

“Basically this organization — and it’s one guy — has decided that he has nothing better to do in the world than look for any organization that has supported anything to do with LGBT equality,” Narvaez said. “I guess he saw the name Stonewall and is trying [to look into every group with that name].”

—  Dallasvoice

Tea party PAC investigating San Antonio Stonewall ethics violations


The Texas Ethics Advisory Board is investigating the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio’s campaign finance report because  of the group’s LGBT policies agenda and its involvement in helping the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance pass.

The Texas Ethics Advisory Board is a tea party political action committee that has no affiliation with the state ethics commission, but member William Elmer told KENS 5 it found violations in three categories. The group alleges that Stonewall didn’t disclose political contributions and expenditures required by the ethics rules, including not listing the occupation of people who donated more $50 and didn’t identify the candidate or party the group supports.

He said the board started looking into the group after the ordinance passed, adding that the state ethics commission usually looks into complaints the group files.

Elena Guajardo, a former San Antonio City Councilwoman and now co-chair of the San Antonio Stonewall chapter, said the allegations will be found to be baseless.

She said Stonewall is “mindful and respectful of our need to be transparent and accountable in our financial reporting.”

Watch KENS 5’s report below.

—  Dallasvoice