The earthquake report: We’ve been having them

Earthquake epicenters determined by USGS - NEIC, April 17, 2014 through January 23, 2015.

Earthquake epicenters determined by USGS — NEIC, April 17, 2014 through January 23, 2015.

I have yet to feel any of the earthquakes that have been rattling DFW — or at least, parts of DFW — lately. But I have seen a lot of my friends talking about them on Facebook. From what they have said, the tremors and aftershocks have been pretty frequent in recent weeks, and some of them have been at least a little scary.

And then today, I got an email from the office of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings letting me know that city officials from Dallas and Irving have reviewed the findings of a preliminary study on the quakes by Southern Methodist University. .

And here are the preliminary study’s big findings:

• The epicenters are confined to an area extending from Texas 114 to Walnut Hill Road, along the Trinity River (near the site of the old Texas Stadium in Irving, indicating a fault extending from Irving into West Dallas). The new earthquake locations extend the source area through parts of Irving and west Dallas.

• Most of the earthquakes appear to be under the Fort Worth Basin; however SMU says the location may be off by about half a mile and seismologists stress the need for additional research.

•  These earthquakes are shallow in nature, and seismologists could not conclude whether the quakes were natural or related to gas well drilling.

Don’t you feel much safer now? I know I do. But to be serious (and fair), they are really just getting started, and the possibility of a severe earthquake here in our area is a very serious — and frightening — thought.

Anyway, Mayor Rawlings said, “We value the time and resources the SMU team has invested in helping us understand the recent earthquakes. The working group will discuss these findings and let us know what the next steps should be.”

The press release noted that SMU has been working with the U.S. Geological Survey to pinpoint more accurate locations for the recent earthquake swarm.

The working group is comprised of the cities of Irving, Dallas, SMU, USGS and the Texas Railroad Commission. The group is scheduled to discuss the recent report on Friday, Feb. 13.

To read SMU’s preliminary earthquake report for yourself, go here. Read it and you will find some information such as the USGS began reporting noticeable earthquakes in this area in 2008, even though there no earthquake activity here at least as far back as 1970. The current string of quakes began last April, and the largest one to date has been magnitude 3.6. There have been 5 earthquakes over magnitude 3. o since last April, and 46 quakes reported.

And if you feel the earth start to move, as my wife says when she takes a corner too fast in the car, “Hold on to your girdle, Myrtle.”

—  Tammye Nash

Blowing up Texas Stadium is a waste of an area asset for the benefit of one person

Texas Stadium was purposely destroyed so that the City of Irving had no choice but to blow it up. It remains a giant billboard hanger until its Sunday implosion.
Texas Stadium was purposely destroyed so that the City of Irving had no choice but to blow it up. It remains a giant billboard hanger until its Sunday implosion.

I love blowing up a building as much as the next person, but the demolition of Texas Stadium in Irving this weekend just pisses me off.

Since buying the team, Jerry Jones spent little on upkeep of the property. By running the stadium into the ground, he forced the area to build him a new one. By the time the team left, Texas stadium was an eyesore.

When Arlington won the bidding war, after Dallas refused to hand over as much taxpayer money as he wanted, the destruction of the Irving property seemed to accelerate.

Irving originally had some wonderful plans for the property — extend the canal from Las Colinas, build apartments and offices and hotels in a park-like setting.

Now we learn that after the stadium is blown up, the property will be used to stage the expansion of Airport Freeway for the next seven years!

The Eyesore in Irving will give way to an even bigger blot.

Surely, the stadium could have been saved and plenty of uses for it could have been found. Yes, scheduling concerts and high school and college football games here would have cut into Jerry Jones’ and Arlington’s profits. Yes, it have cost some money to renovate the property that the Tarrant County Cowboys’ owner destroyed. But blowing it up costs money too. (And yes, I believe that if the team isn’t in Dallas County or the City of Dallas, they should pay us royalties on the use of “Dallas.”)

Although maybe the interior destruction of the facility’s infrastructure was even more significant than the exterior’s deterioration. If that’s the case, a nice big bill should have been sent to Jones.

Am I really getting sentimental about Texas Stadium? No. I just dislike this sort of unnecessary waste. But most people in the area do have their memories of it.

My best memory of Texas Stadium? We filmed the Season 1 finale of “Friday Night Lights” here because the Alamodome (much closer to “home-base” Austin, where most of the series is filmed) was not available. And shameless plug: Season 4 begins airing on NBC on May 7. Filming for season 5 gets underway in Austin this month.стоимость раскрутки сайтаseo оптимизация сайта яндекс

—  David Taffet