HGG 2011 Gift-A-Day: Auto Air Tamer and PCI Generator ionizers


Ah, Texas summers! Swelteringly hot and filled with allergens, but we still love it here. That doesn’t mean we have to suffer in silence. Everyone uses air conditioning, and you can improve your air quality — or that of a loved one — pretty efficiently, too, with air ionizers. The Auto AirTamer is perfect for closed-in spaces like a car, and comes with a lanyard that allows you to purify your air with negative ions that create an electrostatic field removing pollutants. For bigger jobs, the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator suspends airborne microbes throughout a bedroom, letter you sleep without sneezing. It’s great to give to an allergic partner, but the real beneficiary is you. The Auto AirTamer is priced at $49.99; the Sharp PCI is priced at $299.

Available at AirTamer.com and SharpUSA.com.

—  Rich Lopez

Drawing Dallas

Cortney Guy makes one of the hottest Texas summers on record a little hotter — and we think that’s pretty cool

MARK STOKES  | Illustrator


Name and age: Cortney Guy, 27

Spotted at: Kroger’s on the Strip

Occupation: CEO/founder fashion P.R. firm

Born in East Texas and raised in Mesquite, this handsome Gemini has a major in marketing/communications and a minor in graphic design. Entrepreneurial by nature, he is co-founder of a public relations company which specializes in branding up-and-coming fashion designers.

An “editorial beauty,” Cortney is comfortable in front of the camera as well and has been commercial, print and promotional modeling since age 15. A highlight of his career was when one of his photos taken by Marta Azevedo garnered international recognition. He considers himself “retired,” but he still models occasionally when a good opportunity arises.

Cortney loves the outdoors and when he’s not working you may find him rollerblading, rock climbing or simply cloud watching or star gazing. Eco-friendly by nature, he’s big on conserving, recycling and minimizing waste. A lover of the arts, he also enjoys all forms of live entertainment, including dancing and music.

Studious by nature, he excelled in school, but also competed in football and track. He has a teaching certificate and future career plans include teaching general communications.

Yo, big bro: Big Brother Cortney has been a member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters for several years, and he also has a god-daughter with whom he is very close. He wants to leave a legacy for children. He’s interested in instilling morals and values into the younger generation.

This down-to-earth and non-assuming gentleman considers himself “a country guy that lives in a big city.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 12, 2011.

—  Kevin Thomas