WATCH: Texas wildfires visible from space

Below is video shot by astronauts aboard the International Space Station as they passed over Texas earlier today. According to the latest report from ABC News, 858 homes have been destroyed by the fires in the last 48 hours.

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—  John Wright

Rob Schlein accuses Rick Perry of using wildfires as excuse to dodge presidential debates

Log Cabin Dallas President Rob Schlein
Rob Schlein

Rob Schlein, president of Log Cabin Republicans Dallas, clearly doesn’t put a lot of stock in natural disasters.

In an op-ed for Dallas Voice last week, Schlein downplayed the threat of a federal marriage amendment, saying it is “as exaggerated as the the reported threat of Hurricane Irene.”

Then on Monday, after Texas Gov. Rick Perry skipped a presidential forum in South Carolina so he could return to Texas to deal with the wildfires, Schlein took to Facebook to question the governor’s motives.

“So is Rick Perry afraid of debating?” Schlein wrote. “Seems he’s discovered that the fires need his attention. Why is this a sudden priority just a few days before your debut on TV?”

In addition to Monday’s forum, Schlein was referring to Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate in California, for which Perry now says he’s undecided.

—  John Wright