Final bets at the finale of Team DV’s P-P-P-Poker Tourney

Ante up to the table

Team Dallas Voice and Pocket Rockets Dallas are raising money for the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS by holding a P-P-P-Poker Tournament at clubs across town. After three weeks, the event has come to the grand prize final.

Because this is Dallas, not Vegas, the game play is free, so if you want to contribute to the LSR cause, bring cash to enter the raffle. Among the prizes available or that have been won are tickets to see Dolly Parton (we’ll resist the urge to call this one a “booby prize”), Ke$ha and Chelsea Handler,  tickets to the Texas Rangers and Lone Star Park horse races, Starbucks coffee, a set of poker chips, books, grooming supplies and much more … and the final grand prize: Two tickets on American Airlines anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

DEETS: Check out the Facebook event page here for details.

—  Rich Lopez

Bump & Grind it at the Brick

Sometimes you just need a stripper

—  Rich Lopez

Things look official at The Brick and Joe’s now

The club just posted this pic of their new sign going up. Perfect timing for tonight’s Voice of Pride qualifier contest.

—  Rich Lopez

A friend in need: Roast at The Brick/Joe’s to benefit longtime bartender Peggy Drury

Benefit Sunday at Joe's/The BRick
Peggy Drury

There are a lot of things to like about the LGBT community in North Texas. But the one thing I love the most is the way this community is always willing to step up and help when somebody needs it.

That’s what is happening Sunday afternoon, June 27, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The Brick/Joe’s: Friends are coming together to stage a “roast”  benefiting longtime Joe’s bartender Peggy Drury.

Peg collapsed while working the bar earlier this month and had to be taken to the hospital. She’s home now, but she does have some ongoing health problems and her friends want to raise some money to help pay her medical bills and help her buy groceries and so on until she is back on her feet.

Organizers of the event say they are looking for donations of cash, gift cards and food. You can read about it here on Facebook.

On a personal note, I have known Peg for years and years, and oh, the stories I could tell. Like the one about the Saturday afternoon when she was driving from Dallas to her home out near Lake Tawakoni and suddenly discovered she had become an entry in the Christmas parade in one of the small towns between here and there. Or the time she was trying to impress her (at that time) future wife and ended up super-gluing her upper lip to the tip of her nose. Or the time …. Well, I could go on and on.

But the most important story to remember about Peggy Drury is that anytime a friend needed her, she has always been there. Even if it meant getting dressed up in “drag” to do the “If you’re good to Mama” song from “Chicago” in a benefit show.

And now, it’s definitely time to “be good to Mama” who has always been good to us. So head on over to The Brick/Joe’s on Sunday and be a friend indeed.

—  Dallasvoice

The Brick gives live music a shot

The Brick is trying their hand as a small music venue tonight. Every Tuesday they’ll be hosting live bands and artists which adds to their already busy lineup the rest of the week. But this is a good thing. The live music scene in the gayborhood isn’t as huge as it could be. Thankfully, Sue Ellen’s, Alexandre’s and Peker’s all give local bands and singers a regular place to perform. It looks like we can now add the Brick to that list.

Tonight, they feature Londee Ighile billed as the Londee Project. She’s a local singer who isn’t too bad on the covers from her MySpace page. But I’m curious what her CD will sound like. According to her page, its expected to be released later this year.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert notice: Keke Wyatt tonight at the Brick

I just read that R & B singer Keke Wyatt is performing tonight at 1 a.m. as part of the Brick’s All-Star Weekend Party. Methinks she’s performing that late after her gig at the Brooklyn Jazz Cafe earlier this evening. You just don’t wanna mess with her. Despite a great voice, Wyatt’s mostly famous, or infamous, for stabbing her husband in the back literally. But she said here it was only a paring knife.

Check her latest single, “Who Knew?” here. With or without a knife, she’s pretty fierce.

—  Rich Lopez

Mickey's closes after 6 years, leaving another vacant building on the Cedar Springs strip

Workers remove the sign from the old Mickey's earlier today. Owner Mickey Briggs said the bar closed for good on Monday night.
Workers remove the sign from the old Mickey’s earlier today. Owner Mickey Briggs said the bar closed for good on Monday night.

Mickey’s, the six-year-old gay bar on Cedar Springs Road, closed for good on Monday night due to a substantial pending increase in the lease rate for the building, according to Mickey Briggs, the owner of the bar. Briggs said the owner of the property wanted to increase the lease rate by several thousand dollars per month in 2010, which he says he can’t afford. Briggs said he looked for another location for the bar but was unable to find one. The majority of the Mickey’s staff has gone to work for the new Brick, according to Briggs, and Mickey the deejay will be moving his Retro Sunday to the Brick beginning this weekend.

“I’m going to spend Christmas cleaning the building and repainting to hopefully get back my deposit,” Briggs told me earlier today. “It’s extremely disappointing to shut down a business that everyone tells me they enjoyed.”

Briggs said he fears the building will remain vacant indefinitely because the owner won’t be able to find a tenant that’s willing to pay the higher lease rate. “We’re going to have another empty building on the street,” he said.

Briggs, who says he needed to retire anyway for health reasons, added that he’s grateful he’ll at least be able to keep his popular Retro Sunday going. “It’ll be exactly the same, it’s just at a different location,” he said. “All the guests over the last six years, I feel I owe it to them to continue the show.”

—  John Wright

DJ Paul Kraft returns to Brick in 2010

Paul Kraft
Paul Kraft

I talked with local DJ and party promoter Paul Kraft about his upcoming event Jingle Balls this weekend at Excuses. We chatted about DJ William Umana who will spin the music for the night but you can read about that in tomorrow’s issue.

Kraft mentioned this is his last event in the Deep Ellum venue. He just signed a one-year contract with the Brick to book his circuit nights there. Paul Kraft Productions‘ first event is scheduled for Jan. 16 with DJ Michael Tank from Miami. On top of that, he’ll return to a regular DJ stint on the weekends starting this Sunday.

It’s a good thing Brick is finally in the home stretch to getting their dance license. According to their site, all they are waiting for is the official paperwork from the city.

—  Rich Lopez

The Brick might need you

Last Friday, we covered the Brick’s resurgence from an oh-so short hiatus. Owner Howard Okon brought back the Brick and Joe’s in less than three months.During our interview, he mentioned that even though they were opening, they were still in need of staff. I checked on their site and found the notice was still up.

So, if you’re looking for employment or maybe just needing extra income through the holiday season, head on over to the Brick’s site. They are still accepting applications online.

The Brick is now located at 2525 Wycliff Ave. next to Sal’s Pizza.

—  Rich Lopez