Wait, NOM doesn’t know that they’re the ones wrecking the GOP’s future? Weird. Everyone else does.

On “Top Chef,” the contestants are always talking about being thrown under the bus (i.e. being sold out by one of their fellow contestants). Well today, it’s Chef NOM who’s serving up a heaping slice of nonsense over a bed of victimization, coated in a warm B.S. drizzle, and it’s those cooks in the GOP kitchen who prefer a more moderate temperature who are supposedly spoiling the feast:

Prediction: after Mehlman announced he’s gay, you will see an increasingly coordinated campaign by certain GOP establishment elites to jettison the marriage issue, an issue about which the majority of Americans–and 80 percent of Republicans–agree.

GOP Elites Try to Throw Marriage Under the Bus [National Organization For Marriage]

Only thing here? It’s Maggie Gallagher and NOM who have been throwing marriage — and, by extension, the GOP’s identity — under the bus for the past decade or so! Forget circus peanuts: It’s gay people’s marriage licenses that Maggie and crew have been using to tease the elephant, getting the party off course of so many actual societal discussion, and trampling so much good will under the pachyderm’s considerable feet. And increasingly, we’re seeing how the gumbo makes Dumbo feel all of his first four letters.

If there ever was a bipartisan bus in this country that might’ve been headed towards a shared sense of progress, then “the fight to save marriage™” will surely go Images-1down in history as one of the most ignoble, wantonly divisive, cruelly obnoxious reasons for that bus’ derailing. Those Republicans who are making some sort of good faith attempt at unifying or at least getting us past the contentious conversation that surrounds this issue are the ones who are trying, to varying degrees, to wipe the “marriage wars” stench from society’s taint. They are not the ones leaving skid marks on marriage, history, and the Republican party!

Good As You

—  John Wright

Evangelicals picket gay couple’s home simply because they’re gay



—  John Wright

Back On The Job: 2 Customs Officials Who Want Strip Searched Passengers To Know If They’re Gay

In June we learned about a gay New Zealand customs officer who enjoyed strip searching travelers a little too much, at least according to co-workers Glenn Rankin and John Smith, who lost their jobs after being accused of speaking to the press about the matter. Well, they're back at work now.


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—  John Wright

House wingnuts offer resolution condemning Prop 8 ruling – but they’re not bigots

My view:

These anti-gay pols are twisting themselves in knots trying to find a way to discriminate when it comes to marriage, but not look like homophobes. It’s a gigantic FAIL as a few House Republicans introduced a non-binding resolution condemning the fed ruling overturning Prop 8. (Washington Blade):

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is sponsoring the resolution, H. Res. 1607. The measure is pending before the House Judiciary Committee.

The resolution offers findings faulting U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision for engaging in improper conduct during his consideration of the case. It says Walker “failed to conduct himself in an impartial manner” and “attempted to illegally broadcast the trial in disregard of the harassment such broadcast would invite on witnesses supporting Proposition 8.”

And now, the new squiggly, brain-twister that he tries to lay on the media to say he’s not a hater and bigot.

Smith noted that the debate over Prop 8 isn’t “about the worth of gay individuals.

“Those who support traditional marriage recognize that gay people can be loyal friends, dedicated community leaders, and beloved sons and daughters,” he said. “And those with religious objections to same-sex marriage distinguish between the conduct, which they consider inappropriate, and the person, whom they may cherish and appreciate.”

As of Wednesday, the resolution had 17 co-sponsors, including Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Steve King (R-Iowa).

So, you can cherish and appreciate your frends and relatives by telling them that their relationships are worthless — never mind no one is asking for their religious approval. These pitiful folks still conflate church and state in arguments to deny civil marriage to same sex couples and it’s really undermining their cause the longer they cling to it. Brian Brown of NOM has been asking his shrinking number of supporters to call their members of Congress to ask them to co-sponsor the resolution. This will be great — I want to see and publiclize the list of ignorant bigots signing on to House Resolution 1607.
Pam’s House Blend – Front Page

—  John Wright

Out Hurler Donal Óg Cusack Accused Another Team of Rampant Homophobia. They’re Not Sorry

When Donal Óg Cusack, the Irish hurling goalkeeper, came out in his autobiography in October, it meant the end of his own mother attending his games, because she couldn't stand all the slurs aimed at her son. Now some 10 months after the Cork player in print went after the Kilkenny team's fans, for being the most homophobic in the league, the team is finally responding.


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—  John Wright