Watch: Rudy Giuliani Says GOP Should ‘Ease Up’ on Gay Rights, Thinks ‘DADT’ Can Be Repealed Now


Rudy Giuliani told Wolf Blitzer today that he thinks it would be politically wise for Republicans to stop demonizing gays and says 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is ready to go, now:

"My feeling about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was, in the middle of the height of the Iraq war, not a good time to do it. We’re not in the middle of the height of the Iraq war. Afghanistan is a different kind of thing. You could probably accomplish it now. It’s eventually going to happen and it seems to me that it gets my party out of this anti-gay, feeling that we’re being unfair to people who are gay."


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USC staffer praying over LGBT tomes; and no, not because she thinks they should be in e-book form instead

Even if you disagree with the cause, it’s usually easy to see why social conservatives involve themselves in certain LGBT issues. Typically it’s because they think that marriage, the army, their own church, their talking point machines, fundraising efforts, smug heterosexism, etc., are under some sort of direct threat, and therefore they see a need to step in and run defense. It can be annoying, frustrating, *facepalm*-inducing, and oftentimes even deeply offensive. But at least the “why” is generally apparent, as far as that goes.

But other times, the involvement constitutes undeniable meddling in matters that are of absolutely no concern to the “pro-family” life. As is the case over at the the University of Southern California, where the school’s library is receiving a large shipment of archival books, films, and magazines all about LGBT history. Now, even for those who don’t have a need in their heart (or country) for LGBT lives and loves, the history of the people and the movement is obviously a concrete thing. And in fact, LGBT history also includes anti-LGBT history, something that has come to define the religious right over the past few decades. So it’s no surprise that an educational library, the place where a plethora of information is something that is kinda, sorta valued, would see it in their interest to collate and house these resources. No controversy warranted.

At least it shouldn’t be a surprise or a controversy:

Sarah Dean, a Christian who is on staff at USC, is encouraging students and parents to pray rather than react to the donation with hatred against homosexuals.

“I would hope parents would react in prayer and students would react in prayer, and just that they would be aware of it,” she notes.

As a member of Campus Crusade for Christ at USC, Dean shares that she has seen the issue of homosexuality become more prevalent on campus. She believes Christians should care for and understand the pain that many homosexuals have experienced in their lives.

“The way that we’re going to get at the heart of the matter is through love and discussing it…that way,” she contends.

Dean feels that Christians should offer hope through Jesus to homosexuals who are looking for freedom.

LGBT donation more reason to pray, love [One News Now]

Hey, here’s an idea: Why not react in intellectual respect, or at the very least, tolerance? Don’t care to read the materials? Then don’t visit the LGBT archives, the same way many evangelicals 201010151415surely eschew the works of Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris, ore that one-off edition of Curious George where the title monkey starts asking too many questions about evolution. Why must every little thing be seen as opportunity to pray for the socio-political adversary?! Especially on a college, where knowledge and the quest thereof deserves an even more heightened premium?

It’s situations like this that have alienated so many people from the evangelical church, as well as opened so many others’ eyes about the true goals of the organized “pro-family” movement. It’s a generalization to say that theirs is an anti-“live and let live” force. But generalizations are formed based on demonstrated efforts — and far too many “pro-family” efforts seek to save the soul of anyone who so much as laughs at Cam’s “Modern Family” antics without following it up with a “…sinner!” protestation.

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With DoJ Almost Certainly Appealing DADT Ruling, Nobody Knows If Obama Thinks The Law Is Unconstitutional


Expect the Justice Department to appeal U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Philips's worldwide injunction of Don't Ask Don't Tell, if "senior administration officials" are to be believed. With 60 days to file an appeal Log Cabin Republicans v. United States of America, the government won't likely wait until the last minute, with an appeal filing coming as early as this week. As expected. But isn't President Obama all torn up about it?


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HRC thinks Obama deserves our ‘gratitude’ for how he botched DADT repeal

The Human Rights Campaign, which now is apparently a subsidiary of the Obama campaign, today issued a statement – get this – blasting a lead gay veterans group fighting DADT, and praising President Obama’s great leadership on repealing DADT.

And what did the President do on DADT to earn our community’s “gratitude”?  He let himself get rolled repeatedly by his own Secretary of Defense (yes, Gates and Mullen gave great testimony, then Gates proceeded to undercut repeal every step of the way, and Obama sat there and let him). Obama also sat back while the legislation died in the Senate.  He didn’t make one God damn phone call to even one Senator the day the DADT compromise was filibustered to death.  But that same day our self-proclaimed “fierce advocate” did find time to phone a women’s basketball team. Maybe if more gay and lesbian servicemembers, who are busy risking their lives for our country, took up basketball they could get on the President’s phone card.

Praising what Barack Obama has done on DADT – a promise that is now quite likely dead for years to come because the President refused to do anything until the last minute, refused to stand up to his own Secretary of Defense, refused to personally lift a finger to get even one vote in the Senate.  HRC is “grateful” for this?

Praising Barack Obama for continuing to defend DADT in court, for continuing to undermine our entire legal strategy on not just DADT, but DOMA too. For refusing to stop the discharges of gay and lesbian servicemembers while we’re waiting for the legislation that will never come? That’s what HRC is praising? Seriously? I get that the White House got HRC Valerie Jarrett, at the very last minute, so their dinner wouldn’t be a total bust, but come on – the quid pro quo is praising where we are on DADT when we just freaking lost?

The words irrational, unprofessional, and unproductive come to mind.

Someone needs to remind the Human Rights Campaign exactly who it is they work for. Because somewhere along the way they got it in their heads that their boss is Barack Obama and the Democratic party, not America’s LGBT community.

HRC needs to get its head out of the Democratic party’s ass and start acting like it cares about our civil rights. Because this is bullshit. After everything this White House has done to sabotage our agenda – we aren’t getting DADT, ENDA or DOMA now, and if we lose the House, we may not get it for decades (though, honestly, even if we kept the House we probably wouldn’t see any of those three for years and years to come because Democrats find our civil rights “icky”) – HRC is actually praising where we are, and thanking this incredibly un-fierce President for getting us into this mess in the first place?

Here is HRC’s response to a lead DADT repeal group simply asking that White House adviser Valerie Jarrett meet with gay vets before she speaks at HRC’s dinner:

Fred Sainz, HRC’s vice president of communications, issued a strongly worded response on Saturday.

“These latest hijinks by Nicholson are part of a troubling pattern of irrational, unprofessional, and unproductive behavior,” Sainz said. “[Nicholson’s] rant is also without substance. The Administration helped to craft the legislation that was successfully voted on by the House and the Senate Armed Services Committee. Never before has a Defense Secretary or a Joint Chiefs chairman publicly supported repeal. This president got them there, and for that, he deserves our gratitude.”

Sainz added that the target of ire “should be Senate Republicans who will no doubt once again try to scuttle this issue during the lame duck session.”

What’s really sad, and really duplicitous, about this statement is that HRC knows the President f’d up. They knew he never had any intention of passing the DADT legislation before the Pentagon completed its study (conveniently after the November elections when it will be too late to pass anything for years to come). HRC knew, and enabled from the beginning, the President’s betrayal of his word to our community. That’s why HRC President Joe Solmonese repeatedly told the community to stop complaining about DADT – the President has a plan, Joe told us, DADT will be repealed this year, Joe claimed. No he didn’t, and no it won’t. And HRC knew it all along.

Joe and HRC knew that our community was being played by this President and they didn’t just cover it up, they helped it happen. That’s why HRC feels the need to praise what Obama didn’t do on DADT. If they told you the truth, that they aided and abetted one of the biggest legislative disasters in the history of our movement – imagine, we got nothing, no DADT, no DOMA, no ENDA, with a new and wildly popular president, super-majorities in the House and Senate, a GOP opposition in ruins, and DADT repeal at 70% in the polls – no one would give them another dime.

PS I wonder if HRC thinks the President also deserves our gratitude for refusing to stop the discharges?


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And Yet, I Bet He Thinks That Handing Money to Con Artists in Pulpits Solves the World’s Problems

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The Houston Chronk has a decent article out today about Houston's trans community.  In it, Cristan Williams is featured prominently.

Of course, the Chronk allows comments to its web material, so you know what's coming.

From “bvckvs”

A lot of seriously, mentally disturbed people think that mutilating themselves will fix what's wrong between their ears – but it never works out.

It's just a way for surgeons to get money from the mentally ill

I bet he also thinks that what Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, Masturbation Mama and Jim DeMint have in store as congressional policy next year will actually have more of a positive impact on his bottom line than it will for the bottom lines of televangelists, the insurance mafia, the prison industry and Chinese billionaires-to-be.

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Wendy Wright thinks the straights will be persecuted if gays can marry

Wendy Wright from Concerned Women of America was on Hardball tonight. You have to see it to believe it. She wouldn’t even say whether gays should be teachers. Her main point seemed to be that straight couples will be persecuted if gay couples can get married. Such victims.

Matthews basically calls her a homophobe — and she is.


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