Vigil marks 1 year since Lisa Stone vanished

Lisa Stone
Lisa Stone

Today marks the one year since the disappearance of gay Dallas woman Lisa Stone. Stone’s friend Tina Wiley writes on the Looking for Lisa Stone website:

Today is the memorial vigil marking the one year anniversary of Lisa’s disappearance. I am preparing my speech, but having a hard time focusing. I just feel numb…so many vigils, spanning all 4 year…and still we are holding vigils and searching for answers…we are still Looking for Lisa.

How many prayers will we pray? How many tears will we shed? How many days still to search? How many times will we rally together and cry out for justice for Lisa? Sometimes I grow so weary. I never dreamed this would take so long … that justice would not be swift and fair. But, this is the reality … there are no sure answers … no known conclusions … no signs of Lisa. Justice for Lisa eludes us still today.

Today I am unsure of many things..but, one thing I am certain … that we will continue to pray … we will continue to cry … we will continue to search … and we will continue to rally together and cry out for justice! We began this mission a year ago … and we will see it through no matter how long it takes. Lisa deserves nothing less.

The vigil is from 2 to 4 p.m. at West Lake Park, at 421 Gross Road in Mesquite.

—  John Wright

Friends talk about search for missing lesbian Lisa Stone

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—  John Wright

Gay woman’s disappearance remains a mystery

Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse, a spokesman for the Dallas Police Department, told me late Thursday afternoon that investigators had nothing new to report in the case of Lisa Stone, the 51-year-old lesbian who’s been missing for more than a month.

“Still following up on leads and talking to friends and family,” Janse said in an e-mail.

Asked whether Stone’s partner, Sherry Henry, is considered a suspect in her disappearance, Janse said, “Not at this point.”

Stone’s friends held another vigil outside her home on Sunday, July 11. And the Facebook page they’ve set up to help find Stone now has almost 1,300 members. Stone’s longtime friend, Tina Wiley, posted this message on the page this morning:

The page also says that anyone with information can e-mail

—  John Wright