‘SYTYCD’ choreographer Wade Robson says Michael Jackson molested him


Wade Robson

When Wade Robson was a kid, he was a talented dancer, appearing in several videos with Michael Jackson. He also defended Jacko, saying the pop star never molested him.

Only now he’s saying he lied. Robson, who has been a judge and choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance, now says Jackson abused him “for years,” from ages 7 to 14.

In the interview on Today, Robson describes the abuse as sexual in nature. Of course, Jackson’s family and lawyers are shooting down the allegations. But it is interesting that Robson does not say he had “repressed memories,” but that he knew all along he was lying about not being molested, and has never forgotten it.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

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Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ “It Gets Better” speech was up to more than 1.5 million views on YouTube as of Monday morning, when Burns was interviewed live on The Today Show by Matt Lauer.

“I remember being shocked, stunned, when it got to 5,000 [views],” Burns told Lauer. “I couldn’t believe it, and it’s just gone from there, so obviously that’s a little overwhelming, but I think it’s indicative of where we are at in society. … I’ve received over 20,000 e-mails so far and I have an entire army of friends helping me cull through those to make sure there is no crisis that is missed, but yes, there are stories from people, kids, who are saying they are contemplating, this week, taking their lives.”

—  John Wright