Rufus Wainwright at Bass Hall Saturday night

There isn’t too much to say about Rufus Wainwright’s performance Saturday in Fort Worth and that’s actually a good thing. He performed a simple show playing only with a guitar or his piano. He scaled back mostly to preview and even rehearse material for his a new album. In that simplicity, he was crazy good.

—  Rich Lopez

The Hidden Cameras and Gentleman Reg at Hailey's Friday night

The show at Hailey’s Friday night might have to go down in the books. It was outstanding and substantial. For a mere $8, people were given more of an actual concert than just a live show in the venue. The O’s opened up with a small set but Gentleman Reg and The Hidden Cameras played sets worthy of a bigger venue. If only more people were there.

The O’s opened to a small crowd of about 15. That didn’t stop them from performing their Americana rock at full force. They sounded crisp and their multi-instrument playing at one time is kind of phenomenal to watch. It was a small set but they tore through every minute of it without abandon despite the small turnout.

When Gentleman Reg took the stage, he owned it from the get-go. His four-piece band performed in perfect cohesion and even though his music is a folkier pop style, they rocked it out.

—  Rich Lopez