Tube wrap-up: 'Top Chef Masters,' 'Idol'

NUP_137197_0824Susan Feniger, the gay chef who to date this season has won the most money for her charity, finally fell on “Top Chef Masters” last night. Her sandwiches were deemed not “high cuisine” enough to qualify as the master chef. I think that’s a problem with this show in general: haute cuisine gets more credibility than street food. As Feniger said on her way out, maybe the judges need to talk to the people who actually eat her food and like it. But that’s the way the show goes.

Meanwhile, over on Fox, cutie Lee DeWyze won the title American Idol, defeating soulful frontrunner Crystal Bowersox. Based on performance alone in the finale, Bowersox outshone DeWyze, but he’s a charming, likeable singer with a good voice. And it’s not his fault this just turned out to be a boring season. Who would have guessed Paula kept it all so interesting?

Speaking of Paula, she made a guest appearance, tributing departing judge Simon Cowell. She looked beautiful, and honestly, her presence simply reminded you that Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi are deadweight on the show, offering banal advice in a repetitive fashion. They also have terrible manners. Ellen’s still watchable. But looks like Paula may have actually gotten out in time. Smart lady.сайтбиржа копирайтера

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gay chef rules latest 'Top Chef Masters'

Houston's Monica Pope, shown above, got the boot.
Houston’s Monica Pope, shown above, bowed out in a preliminary round.

Last week, one of only two female chefs in the finals for Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” got the boot, leaving only lesbian Tex-Mex chef Susan Feniger representing for the women … and the gay community.

And boy did she.

Feniger won both the “quickfire” preliminary challenge and won the week’s elimination challenge with her delish tailgate food, besting those snobby French-trained, port-wine-reduction making men. (The two foreign-born male chefs had to be told what a tailgating party was … and didn’t really get it even once they got there. Boy, the straight guys cook and don’t get sports — what a reversal of the stereotype.) She also became, to this point in the series, the contestant who had won the most money for her charity.

Kudos to Feniger, but I am still bummed Houston’s Monica Pope got booted during a preliminary round. I ate at Pope’s T’Afia restaurant recently, and she’s a stunningly inventive cook.сайтинтернет реклама стоимость

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'Top Chef Masters' week 2: Gay Texan represents

Monica PopeLast week, two gay chefs — Seattle’s Jerry Traunfeld and Vegas/L.A.’s Susan Feniger — competed, with Susan emerging as co-winner. This week, we got one out contestant, but she’s from Texas, so it counts double.

Monica Pope, German-born chef-owner of Houston’s T’Afia restaurant (and who was in my office bringing me food of hers about a month ago), won the “quickfire challenge” right out of the gate, scoring $5,000 for her charity. For the elimination challenge, she cooked a very typical Southern (especially Louisiana-style) soul dish for Mekhi Phifer’s birthday: shrimp and cheese grits. She acted fairly confident going in, although the British judge Jay Raynor sniffed, “Her grits are an acquired taste I haven’t quite acquired yet.”

Unfortunately, she came in third in the final round, falling to her nemesis on the episode, Marcus Samuelson, whose parting words to her were she should have looked out for herself. (Monica assisted another chef who had forgotten a key ingredient while Marcus refused to lift a finger for her.) He was in it for himself, and it paid off. Of course, for me, it makes me less inclined to go back to Aquavit the next time I’m in NYC. But I’ll be calling on Monica next month.разработка и создание сайтовтиц яндекса

—  Arnold Wayne Jones