Uncle Barky: Showtime's 'The Real L Word' doesn't have nearly enough lesbian sex in it

The cast.
The cast of Showtime’s ‘The Real L Word.’

Former Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bark, aka Uncle Barky, has posted a review of Showtime’s new series, “The Real L Word,” in which he basically argues that the show doesn’t have enough lesbian sex in it:

The first two episodes sent for review flaunt the language expected from a premium pay network without any advertisers to offend. But the above publicity photo is more provocative than anything you’ll otherwise see. Participants on HBO’s long-running Real Sex are more than happy to disrobe. Not so the six featured lesbians on The Real L Word, whose almost comically chaste bedroom scenes show less flesh than your basic daytime soap opera. Or pool party. Or walk around the block on a hot summer day. It’s like The A-Team without explosions.

This may shock you, but I’ve never even seen an episode of the original “The L Word.” And I certainly don’t claim to speak for any lesbians or women. But personally I don’t have a problem with Bark’s review. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see GLAAD go after him.

—  John Wright

Chelsea Handler gives funny props to Dallas lesbians on Jay Leno this week

Handler in an earlier appearance on the Jay Leno Show
Handler in an earlier appearance on the ‘Jay Leno Show’

Uncle Barky posted Wednesday about Chelsea Handler’s appearance this week on the Jay Leno Show. However, clips online don’t seem to make it to the part where she talks about Dallas, lesbians and Republicans. Thankfully, Bark made a note of it .

Or you could just catch the whole episode on Hulu here and fast forward to the 27:00 minute mark. Better yet, watch her whole bit. She’s hilarious and even a bit too edgy for ole Jay. He can’t quite keep up with her and so I’m putting my vote in now for her to take over The Tonight Show.seo что это такое

—  Rich Lopez