Colton Ford to perform at the Dallas Eagle

I just received confirmation that hunky Colton Ford will be giving a concert Halloween night at the Dallas Eagle. Not much more details than that right now. It does look like a special appearance more than a tour stop for his latest CD, Under the Covers. His site shows Dallas as his only scheduled live performance. At least for now.

This vid might give you some preview of what to expect. That is if you must suffer through seven minutes of a hot muscly guy singing shirtless.бесплатная реклама в социальных сетяхреклама гугл на сайте

—  Rich Lopez

Friday Listening Party: Colton Ford's 'Under the Covers'


The Listening Party is back. We’ve been a little distracted lately or schedules just weren’t meshing but we’re glad to be back on track. This week, we’re listening Colton Ford’s Tuesday release, Under the Covers. I get a little worried about former porn stars crossing over into the mainstream. Clearly, ego blinds them to their diverse talents — or lack thereof. Colton Ford is way hot but how does he fare becoming the next dance music sensation?

With snarling good looks, silvery hair and chiseled body, Ford has our attention but we’re a little confused by this CD. Clearly he prefers to sing, a point his press release drives home (“Ford lives — and loves — to sing.”) but this ambitious sophomore release of cover songs threw us for a loop. What’s worse is Ford’s explanation. “Adding my interpretation to these songs gives a new perspective to these classic tunes, enabling me to show different sides of my vocal ability,” he said.

Um, O.K., now let’s see what the others thought.

—  Rich Lopez