The Drag Kings Of Vancouver

Until you've experienced a drag king show, you haven't experienced the fun of being a dude without that bothersome wang between your legs. A round of applause Ponyboy and Billi Gold, two hot dudes from Vancouver.

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—  David Taffet

Gay Newspaper Boxes Vandalized in Vancouver

VANCOUVER X390 (ISTOCK) | ADVOCATE.COMBoxes for the gay Canadian newspaper Xtra were vandalized in Vancouver. Daily News

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Gay Newspaper Boxes Vandalized in Vancouver

VANCOUVER X390 (ISTOCK) | ADVOCATE.COMBoxes for the gay Canadian newspaper Xtra were vandalized in Vancouver, British Columbia. Daily News

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Vandals Target Gay Newspaper Xtra in Vancouver

The Canadian gay newspaper Xtra, which publishes in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, says more than a dozen of its newspaper boxes have been destroyed by homophobic vandals in Vancouver:

Xtra This is "far and above what we've experienced in the past," he says. "This we find quite alarming."

"The energy that's required, the persistence to rip out a part that is very deliberately anchored in, suggests that this person has some significant issues," Kirkby says. "Somebody walking the streets out there has a real hate-on for the gay and lesbian community."

"I understand that people are not targeting Xtra with this; they're targeting the gay community. We're just a stand-in for the community," he says.

Among the stand-alone street boxes, only Xtra was attacked, Kirkby notes. But in at least one multiple publication box on Hornby St the only other gay publication, LOV magazine, was also targeted, its clip ripped out in the same way. No other publication was touched.

To systematically rip out the clips on 14 gay publication boxes from Gastown to English Bay suggests an obsession, Kirkby says, concerned the fury may escalate.

The Globe and Mail adds:

Ken Coolen, president of the Vancouver Pride Society, called the actions “cowardly.”

“It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing. We’re going into 2011,” he said. “It sounds like one or a group of people who are homophobic and looking at a way to lash out against the gay community. I guess this is a way of them doing it without thinking they’re going to be in as much trouble.”

Constable Jana McGuinness, a spokeswoman for the Vancouver Police Department, said while it’s too early to call the vandalism a hate crime, “it certainly does look targeted.”

The Vancouver Police Department and Crime Stoppers are taking tips at 1-800-222-8477.

Towleroad News #gay

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Newspaper Vandals In Vancouver Make Push To Get Gays To Read News Online

Xtra, the Canadian gay and lesbian newspaper that still appears in print, has seen fourteen of its Vancouver-area drop boxes vandalized — while the boxes next to them for other titles remained unharmed. The targeting of the newspaper boxes, between Dec. 25-29, is being investigated by police, who are certainly aware Vancouver is one of Canada's "hate crime capitals."

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Gay Vancouver Couple Hits Jackpot

Claude and Kurt Blanchette-Ebert x390 (fair uncredited) | ADVOCATE.COMApparently dreams can come true. Claude and Kurt Blanchette-Ebert, a same-sex couple from Vancouver, won a million jackpot last Friday — the largest lottery jackpot won in the history of British Columbia. Daily News

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Pride House at the Olympics is a hit

If you’re like me, you’ve ignored those you care about to partake in as much TV Olympic action as possible. (Sorry, mom!) And while I’m a sucker for those underdog/feel good stories, I keep wondering if NBC is going to report on the new addition of the Pride House at the Vancouver Winter Games.

These are the first Olys that have a designated spot for LGBT athletes, coaches and families. And by the looks in the Google-verse, it’s a big hit for everyone. At least, that’s how Claire Piech from Pique NewsMagazine sees it. Here she writes at length about its opening and the attention it has been getting from all over the world.

Although, it could use a tweak of an edit. We’re pretty sure the article meant to say “transgender.”online game mobileинтернет маркетинг определение

—  Rich Lopez