In a Volatile Week, Refresh with Out Magazine’s Love Stories

It's been a rather heavy week, hasn't it? If you need a break from the quite depressing news, check out Out Magazine's cover story, "Twenty-Three Love Stories."…

In general in the LGBTQ community, we spend so much time fighting for equal rights, the ability to serve in the military, and the right TO love that we often don't have a lot of time to take notice of all the love around us. Out's series takes a look at twenty-three different love stories, and uses the that phrase expansively – between gay men, lesbian women, and within mixed multi-generational families.



My own contribution is the story "Three Kids, Two Dads, One Uncle."…

Having known one of the subjects for years, I was delighted to write about them. David Christmas used to be my volunteer coordinator at God's Love We Deliver, where I chop vegetables on Wednesday evenings. 

I'd always been fascinated by David's life. He's a great story teller, particularly about his days as an actor, when he was in "Dames at Sea" opposite Bernadette Peters, and about when he appeared in a screen test for the lead in "Myra Brickinridge." But David's greatest story of all was about how he ended moving in with his gay nephew Robert and his partner John, when they (somewhat unexpectedly) ended up with three new born children in just a few month's time.

You can read their whole tale here.…

It's not often we hear about gay men being parents and grandparents, especially in an intergenerational way, and I'm touched I could play a part in sharing these kind mens' story.  


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Reliably volatile messaging’s on the wall, but NOM doesn’t seem to care. Seems to like it, even.

They’ve been featuring it on their Twitter page for months. But now the National Organization For Marriage has solidified their bond to Louis “gays want pedophilia, polygamy, and prostitution” Marinelli‘s incendiary “Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman” Facebook page, embedding that very F’book wall into their TwoMillionForMarriage site:



So why is this a thing of note? Well, because this is a Facebook page where conversations like this one are playing out on a daily basis:


This is the same F’book wall where a commenter recently suggested that California should be “glassed with nuclear warheads,” and one where gays have been called “victims of mental illness.” Where not only the commenters bend towards the fringe, but where even the moderator posts Paul Cameron-quipping pages that claim gays are “propelling our society toward a premature demise”:

Screen Shot 2010-08-26 At 1.50.00 Pm

And it’s all now an official part of Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown’s National Organization For Marriage.

Good As You

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