The Pretty Things Peepshow tonight at The Kessler

Sword swallowing, fire eating and burlesque dancing, oh my

The Pretty Things Peepshow recalls old-timey circuses or better yet, the HBO show Carnivale, which really left viewers hanging. This vintage vaudeville sideshow packs in a whallop of acts into two and a half hours. For a hump day, acts that include electric chairs, animal traps and whip cracking might even outdo the Dallas Eagle. We’re kinda looking forward to the special burlesque dancing which includes a fan dance and spinning fire tassels. For real! You won’t see that on the dance floor at S4.

The show even features the “Midget of Mischief” Lil Miss Firefly who stands just over two feet and performs as the night’s glass walker and straight jacket escape artists. Yeah, there’s too much to miss to not make this show tonight.

DEETS: The Kessler, 1230 W. Davis St. 9 p.m. $15.

—  Rich Lopez

Photo: Paul Walker Shoots Ad For Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water has good taste. A few years ago, they chose Josh Holloway to represent their fragrance but they've just announced that they'll use Paul Walker face and body to sell their cologne. DCW explains their choice: “(Walker) truly embodies the values of this legendary fragrance. Not only thanks to his personal commitment around oceans, but also for his intense energy, powerful masculinity and cool attitude that characterise him.”

Walker showed off some of that intensity, masculinity and coolness while filming a DCW ad in Hawaii.

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Prop. 8 Judge Vaughn Walker Stepping Down Next Year

Vaughnwalker Judge Vaughn Walker, who declared California's Proposition 8 unconstitutional, announced today that he will step down from the bench in February of next year.

"Concluding 21 years of judicial service, I leave the bench with the highest respect and regard for the federal judiciary, its judges and their staff and the essential role they fulfill in our constitutional system," Walker, 66, wrote to President Obama.

Walker became a highly controversial figure during the trial, when right-wing opponents claimed he was gay and that he should therefore be removed from the same-sex equality case. Walker has never discussed his sexuality in public.

Gay, straight or somewhere in between, best of luck to you, Your Honor. And thank you for your years of dedicated, fair-minded service.

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—  John Wright

Judge Vaughn Walker to Retire

VAUGHN R. WALKER X390 | ADVOCATE.COMIn a late Wednesday press release, court officials announced that U.S. district judge Vaughn R. Walker, who in August ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional, will step down as chief judge effective December 31 and leave the court in February. Daily News

—  John Wright

‘Citizen of the State of California’ Wants Prop 8 Reinstated Because Judge Vaughn Walker Is a Homogay


Is this really how opponents of Prop 8 plan on handling the appeal of Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling — by relying on the Bible and Walker's sexual orientation as reason to overturn the decision?


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—  John Wright

New Ad From NOM Attacks “San Francisco Values” And Judge Walker

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Hero of the Month: Judge Walker

My wife and I were in Roy-Ashburn-land when we learned about the big decision last week. We had been backpacking in the Eastern Sierra and had come down from the mountains late in the afternoon to look for a room and a shower in Lone Pine, California, in a county where 60% of the voters had supported Prop 8. While my wife discussed room rates with a young motel clerk, I spotted a copy of the LA Times on the counter. The headline announced: “Ban on Gay Marriage Overturned.”

We shrieked with joy. The clerk was unaware of the decision and struggled to comprehend our excitement. It occurred to me that he, like most straight people, probably didn’t think about LGBT issues much. I thought about how indifference leads to ignorance, a condition in which fear and homophobia can take hold and thrive when they remain unexamined. Being in Ashburn’s district led me to reflect on how he nurtured homophobia there by being dishonest about his own sexuality, speaking in favor of Prop 8 and voting against every gay rights bill he encountered.

Contrast Ashburn with Judge Vaughn Walker, who called for a full airing of the fears and assumptions on which the Prop 8 campaign was based. Walker could have decided the case as an abstract matter of law on a motion for summary judgment where no evidence is evaluated. Instead, he called for a full trial and gave proponents of Prop 8 every opportunity to call witnesses and present evidence. During the trial, homophobic fears and assumptions were thoroughly and methodically exposed as unfounded

Only now, after reading Walker’s 136-page opinion, do I appreciate the import of Walker’s approach, and I have become more hopeful about the ultimate outcome. Anti-gay arguments were shown to be so devoid of evidentiary support that it will be a challenge for higher courts to find any kind of factual basis to reverse Walker’s ruling. That doesn’t mean a higher court won’t find a purely legal basis on which to do so, but if it does, it will have to disregard the evidentiary record.

The trial is also important in the court of public opinion. Facts, logic and rational argument may not sway everyone, but they do sway some people, and no open-minded person who followed the trial can credibly argue that the proponents of Prop 8 presented the better case. Oh, desperate conservatives will continue to mouth bogus arguments that such matters should be decided by popular vote, or that pro-Prop 8 witnesses were intimidated from testifying, or that Judge Walker should have disqualified himself because he is gay. But based on the trial and the evidence presented, there isn’t much room to argue that the proponents of Prop 8 were more persuasive and Walker simply got it wrong.

UPDATE: As we know now, Judge Walker lifted the stay, but it remains in effect until August 18, 2010 at 5:00 PM PDT. That gives the Ninth Circuit time to step in, unfortunately. Let’s see what they do. Judge Walker’s order is here.


—  John Wright

Judge Walker Sets Aug. 18 as Date Stay is Lifted on Prop 8 Ruling

UPDATE: We now have official documents. The stay is in place until August 18, at which time couples can marry…

Walker Freedom to Marry tweeted earlier that Judge Walker had lifted the stay on his ruling striking down Proposition 8, and couples were free to marry in California, but made no mention of the delay.

The delay may give time for Prop 8 proponents to appeal the decision to the 9th Circuit court of appeals.

Ari Ezra Waldman will be providing us some analysis in just a bit.

Said Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry in a statement (that was, perhaps, a bit hasty): 

“California is now the sixth state where same-sex couples share in the freedom to marry. As the Governor, the Attorney General, and Judge Walker have all concluded, there is no good reason to continue excluding same-sex couples from marriage. Same-sex couples across California can once again share in the respect and personal significance of marriage, as well as the critical safety net of protections and responsibilities that marriage will bring to their families.

We are witnessing a growing consensus in America that loving and committed same-sex couples deserve the same respect and the same rights as everyone else. Americans on all sides of the aisle, from Laura Bush to Bill Clinton, have embraced the reality that the freedom to marry helps families, while hurting no one. As same-sex couples in California today celebrate their love, commitment, and equal protection under the law, a majority of Californians and a majority of Americans support their right to marry.”

Here's Walker's official ruling:

Final Stay Order

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—  John Wright

The Fool Arguing Judge Vaughn Walker Should’ve Recused Himself Because He Stands to Gain From Gay Marriage

We've already boiled down the argument against asking Judge Vaughn Walker to recuse himself from decision Prop 8 because he's gay to a single line: immutable characteristics such as sexuality do not disqualify somebody from being impartial. But what's this about Walker having a financial interest in the outcome of his trial?


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—  John Wright

Judge Walker will rule on stay of Prop. 8 decision today

From The Advocate:

U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker will issue a Thursday morning ruling on whether to stay a decision in the Proposition 8 federal case pending appeal, according to a late Wednesday e-mail from the court.

The ruling be issued between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Pacific Time.

Karen Ocamb reports that West Hollywood is ready to preform marriages, if the stay is lifted. And, she includes this additional background:

As Lambda Legal’s Jon Davidson noted, there is some confusion over the appeals process. There may only be a small window of opportunity for same sex couples to marry if Judge Walker lifts the stay on his affirmative ruling before the defendant-interveners appeal to the 9th Circuit to impose a stay and stop or prohibit marriages while Walker’s ruling is appealed – if the defendant-interveners have standing to make the appeal.

The issue of defendant-intervener arises because the named defendant, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state’s Attorney General Jerry Brown, wouldn’t defend the case and won’t appeal the decision. In fact, they support allowing marriages to begin immediately and asked Judge Walker to lift his stay.


—  John Wright