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Neighbors in Oak Cliff’s Kessler Park talk about why their ‘hood is the best ever

By Steven Lindsey

Stewart Street residents
Stewart Street residents from left to right Jerrett Morris, Alan Stolleis, Clyde Greenhouse, Michal Taylor, Darrell Ward and Linda Ronk come together often for neighborhood block parties, planned or impromptu, within their classic homes and lush greenery of Kessler Park. Photos courtesy of Jef Tingley.

There’s a little group of homes on Stewart Street in the Kessler Highlands neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Kessler Park that may be just about the gayest block in town — and not just the homosexual kind of gay; the happy kind, too. The neighbors who live here are closer than the pals on Friends, more into each other’s business than a season finale of Knots Landing and their parties have a higher production value than anything Bree’s ever done on Desperate Housewives.

The quiet, tree-lined street is filled with quaint bungalow-style homes from the ’20s and ’30s and over recent years, several gays and lesbians have chosen to put down roots on this one particular block, one which throws out the welcome mat any time somebody new moves in.

“We first met all the gays and lesbians on our block the same way we met all of our neighbors — through a welcome party,” says Jef Tingley, an eight-year resident. “Who knew that years later so many of these people would not just be neighbors, but individuals that I consider dear friends.”

The neighbors gather for two major events a year: Blocktoberfest, a yearly bratwurst cookout held in a neighbor’s yard where everyone brings a dish to share; and a progressive holiday event, where everyone moves from house to house for food and drinks. Halloween is also quite a production with an estimated 1,500 trick-or-treaters each year snatching up 60 to 70 pounds of candy per house in the process.

“It turns out to be one of the most fun events of the year for me and my friends,” says Alan Stolleis, who’s lived on the street for nearly 13 years. “We do tend to go a little crazy with fog machines, huge spiders and scary music.”

But the neighbors on Stewart don’t need a bold-font holiday on the calendar to have reason to celebrate.

“One of the first things we learned when we moved on to the block is that if someone is on the porch, there’s a good chance that you can stop on by for a glass of wine. Many a dog walk has ended with an impromptu porch party,” Tingley says. In fact, everyone interviewed said the same thing about the frequent porch parties and how often they pop up.

Clyde Greenhouse and Michal Taylor, co-owners of the Oak-Cliff-based Kessler Cookie Company, have been on the block for 12 years and have the newest home in the neighborhood. It was built in 1942.

The character of the neighborhood is what initially interested Taylor and Greenhouse, as well as most other people who found Stewart by chance. But for at least one neighbor, buying a home here took a village.

“We had the opportunity to have our best friend buy the house next to us, and when the house went up for sale, while our friend was negotiating his contract for purchase, some of the neighbors would take the ‘for sale’ sign down every day,” says Jerrett Morris, Tingley’s partner. “And whenever a prospective buyer might even give the hint of interest, they would wander out in their boxer shorts and generally try to look like nightmare neighbors any way they could to drive the prospect away.”

It must’ve worked, because Keith Murray closed the deal, quite possibly not realizing the extent to which the neighborhood had helped make it happen.

“At the time I wasn’t looking to buy a home. It was by chance that the house next door to my best friends went up for sale.  It was in complete disrepair, but with the encouragement and help of friends and neighbors, I bought it and we collectively rehabbed it. It was a lot of work, but looking back on it now, it was completely worth it,” Murray says.

It’s just one of many examples of the ways neighbors here look out for one another.

“This neighborhood will definitely take it upon itself to investigate anything that seems suspicious,” Morris says. “It’s like a block full of good Gladys Kravitzes [the nosy neighbor from Bewitched].”

“We know almost everyone by name. It’s not uncommon to see a gay couple standing out in the front yard talking with a straight couple and their children. I even loaned a pair of cuff links to a neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend for prom one year when he needed them in a pinch,” Tingley says.

Linda Ronk, who has lived on Stewart for 16 years, believe the neighborhood transcends any sort of labeling.

“To be honest there is no gay or non-gay. We are just Stewart Street folks,” she says. “We have keys to each other’s homes and we watch out for each other.”

“Not everyone believes me, but our street is like something out of Leave It To Beaver,” Tingley says. “All the neighbors are really vested in making it a great block, but it’s also not a creepy police state where you have no privacy. I tell everyone to move to Oak Cliff. It’s like a small city in a big town. And if you can find a place on Stewart, you’re even luckier.”

“We didn’t know it going in, but it would be impossible to recreate the mix of neighbors we have on our block,” Morris says. “They’re absolutely priceless and will keep us in our house for a very long time,” says Morris.

Or at least until the city starts requiring liquor licenses for these very busy porches.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition of Defining Homes Magazine October 8, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

Dallas Gay Pride Weekend is here

We’ve been posting these updates all week, trying to get through to you that even though the parade and festival aren’t until Sunday, Dallas Pride had already begun. Well, the truth is, we were lying through our teeth. It really starts today. It must because there’s even a Welcome Party at the Round-Up where you can help provide a diplomatic welcome for our out-of-town visitors, if you know what we mean. Anyhow, here’s Friday’s full schedule of Pride-sanctioned events from the Dallas Tavern Guild:

Welcome Party for Our Out-Of-Town Guests
Round-Up Saloon
Join us in welcoming our visiting guests from all across the country as they gather to celebrate Dallas Pride.
8:00 pm
3912 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75219

Sports Pride Mixer
Dallas Woody’s
Ever wanted to play in an LGBT sports league or team? Here’s your meet fellow athletes, captains and organizers from DIVA [Volleyball], PSSA [Softball], OLTA [Tennis], OLBA [Bowling], Texas Bulls [Flag Football], Dallas Diablos [Rugby] and Different Strokes [Golf]. Not only is this mixer informational its a chance to socialize, relax and meet old and new friends.
7pm -10pm – No Cover
4011 Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas 75219

Live on the Back Patio Returns!
Dallas Woody’s
That’s right as Fall heats up but the temperature cools down live music returns to the Woody’s Back Patio for a fall concert series featuring Oaklawns best Jazz, R&B, Pop, Folk, Country and Cabaret entertainment. Check for the current performer listing.
8pm -11pm – No Cover.
4011 Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas 75219

Hip Hop “Pride-ay”
Midnight Show with Comedian PT
2525 Wycliff
Dallas, Texas 75219

SMOKE: A Cigar Party
Dallas Eagle
10:00 pm
5740 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75235

Amatuer strip contest with $100 in cash & prizes starting at midnight (12am)
Drink Specials – $2 wells / $2 domestic from 9pm – 11pm
No cover 9pm – 11pm
4350 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219

Gay Pride Trash Disco – “Shake Your Groove Thing”
3903 Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas 75219

Special Strip Show – Wet Boxers starting at midnight (12am)
Drink Specials – $2 wells / $2 domestic from 9pm – 11pm
No cover
4207 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219

Slacks to Suits Pool Party
Radisson Love Field Hotel
Kick off your Pride weekend with an after work pool party. Drink specials and complimentary hors d’oeuveres served poolside. Entertainment by your hostess Jenna Skyy and friends.
6:00 pm until ??
1241 W. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75247

ArtNite @ ILUME Gallerie
The Ilume Gallerie
The event will showcase a collection from artists the past year in the gallery from fine art, photography, and introduce the large scale metal sculptural works of Ric Leichliter. The event benfits AIDSARMS Inc. Dallas The Ilume GALLERIE, Ilume Great Room, Champagne Room, and pool and cabana area will be open for the reception. We will be serving Cocktails. Complimentary valet parking in the front of the gallery is provided. There is no charge, but donations are accepted.
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
4123 Cedar Springs Suite 107
Dallas, TX 75219

—  John Wright