WATCH: ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’ on gay parenting at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch

Last week we told you about Friday night’s episode of What Would You Do? filmed in part at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch. The third segment of the ethical-dilemma, hidden-camera show focused on gay parenting and involved a waitress — an actress — saying hateful things to two same-sex couples, also actors and actresses, who are dining with their kids at Norma’s.

“You’re gay and you have kids?” the waitress says to the first couple, two women. “It’s bad enough that you’re lesbians, but that they don’t have a father, I think that’s kind of bad. … I mean isn’t it bad for the kids?”

Remarkably, or perhaps not, two male customers who overhear the waitress’ statements take bold stands against her.

“You are by far the worst waitress I’ve ever seen in this restaurant,” the first man says. “You’re a horrible person and a horrible waitress. You need to leave. You need to physically leave this restaurant right now.”

—  John Wright

ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’ to air gay parenting episode shot at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch

Looks like you may want to tune in to ABC’s What Would You Do? on Friday night.

That’s when the hidden-camera, ethical-dilemma series airs an episode about gay parenting shot at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch:

An actress hired by What Would You Do? is waiting tables at a local family style diner, Norma’s Café in Farmers Branch, Texas. It’s a typical busy morning for her until our actors portraying the role of a gay couple — first females, then males — dining with their children are seated in her section. As she begins to express her discomfort and probe their parenting skills, other diners begin to take notice. Will these patrons take the side of our waitress or will they defend the unconventional family?

According to ABC, the actress playing the waitress tells the gay parents, “I mean it’s bad enough you’re lesbians but you’re also parents and they don’t have a father. I think that’s kind of bad. I think this is terrible. I think they need a Dad!”

ABC hasn’t posted any footage from the episode but does provide us with a sneak preview of bystanders’ responses to the waitress, which are surprisingly supportive of the gay parents for a city led by Timothy O’Hare:

“I’ve never felt so uncomfortable and so beside myself with anger. You are a horrible person and a horrible waitress, and you need to leave.”

“You’re the hate monster.”

“This is not the place for a political debate. This is a place for you to do your job.”

“You are not king. You are not God. You have no choice. You have no place to put anybody in their place.”

“It’s about the quality of the parents and the love that there is in the home more than it’s having a mom and a dad.”

What Would You Do? airs at 8 p.m. Central on Friday.

—  John Wright