Reporter asks players if they’d go gay in exchange for Super Bowl ring at Media Day

In today’s Dallas Voice we have a Super Bowl-related story about homophobia in the NFL (image above). And while we didn’t make it to Super Bowl Media Day at Cowboys Stadium on Tuesday, it sounds like a reporter from 105.3 The Fan had the gay angle covered. According to Time magazine, the unidentified reporter from the Dallas radio station was going around asking players if they’d go gay in exchange for a Super Bowl ring:

But in a new media day low, a reporter from Dallas-area sports radio station, 105.3 The FAN, asked one Packer if he would turn gay if that would guarantee a Super Bowl victory for the team.

To confirm I heard this line of questioning correctly, I watched this reporter interview a Steelers player during Pittsburgh’s media session. First inquiry: “Who has the biggest wiener on the team?” She asked the player who his favorite celebrity was. When he told her it was Denzel Washington, she asked if he would “hook up” with Denzel in exchange for a Super Bowl ring.

It continued. She asked if he would “French kiss” his father for a million dollars, and implored him to “describe a vagina.”

And here’s a gay reaction to Time‘s report from Cyd Ziegler Jr. at “I’m not sure why asking someone if they would have gay sex for a Super Bowl ring is so “low.” Heck, I’d have sex with Denzel Washington in exchange for a Super Bowl ring any day!”

—  John Wright

Bonus Wiener Story Of The Day: Today Is National Mustard Day

Motion graphic: Cartoon of Mustard being applied down the length of a hot dog; Link To Pam's House Blend Tag 'Wieners'It’s the first Saturday in August, so it’s National Mustard Day! (We at Pam’s House Blend missed celebrating National Hot Dog Day, darnit!)

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My mustard laden wiener today will be a Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Frank. Emoticon: Happy Dance Are you eating something with mustard today yourself?
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—  John Wright