Gay DNC officials’ emails part of massive WikiLeaks release


Sean Meloy and Earl Fowlkes Jr. (Michael Key/Washington Blade)

Treasurer Andy Tobias contacted by Sanders campaign manager


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Andy Tobias

Dozens of email messages sent and received by at least four openly gay officials with the Democratic National Committee were among more than 19,000 private DNC email messages released last Friday, July 22, by the cyber protest group WikiLeaks.

The massive leak included numerous emails showing that high-level DNC officials appeared to be helping Hillary Clinton over rival Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential primaries earlier this year.

None of the emails reviewed by the Washington Blade associated with the gay officials — DNC Treasurer Andy Tobias, DNC LGBT Engagement Director Sean Meloy, DNC National Finance Committee Chairman Henry Munoz, and DNC LGBT Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes — were linked to the alleged efforts to undermine the Sanders campaign.

But the leaked emails appearing to show that other high-level DNC staffers were helping Clinton at the expense of Sanders led to the resignation on Sunday, July 24, of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The revelations also triggered expressions of outrage among many of Sanders’ supporters and threatened to disrupt plans by Democrats for a show of party unity at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Controversy surrounding the leaked emails was heightened over the weekend when Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, cited experts in the field of computer hacking who said the DNC’s servers were breached by Russian intelligence agencies. Mook went further by arguing that the Russian government arranged for the release of the emails on the eve of the Democratic convention to embarrass Clinton and to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign immediately denounced that claim, calling it baseless and accusing the Clinton campaign of attempting to “smear” Trump.

Most of the emails linked to Tobias, Meloy, Munoz and Fowlkes, who also serves as president of D.C.’s Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, addressed routine efforts to raise money for the Democrats and reach out to LGBT voters and party donors.

However, one of the emails received by Tobias from Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, appeared to create a stir among other DNC officials to whom the email was forwarded.

“Andy — I want to share something with you that is probably going to make you angry, but then I want to give you an opportunity to do something about it,” Weaver told Tobias in his May 3, 2016 email.

Weaver pointed to a story published by Politico that claimed most of the money raised by a political fund created by the Clinton campaign called the Hillary Victory Fund, which was intended to raise money for state Democratic Party organizations for the November general election, was being used to support Clinton’s primary campaign against Sanders.

“Here’s your chance to send a message about our distaste for big-money in politics,” Weaver told Tobias in the email. “Sign our petition calling on the Clinton campaign to stop bending campaign finance rules to their breaking point, and immediately transfer all the money allowable to the state parties participating in the Hillary Victory Fund,” Weaver wrote.

No email could be found in the collection of emails released by WikiLeaks consisting of a response by Tobias to Weaver. But at least one email from Tobias to three other DNC officials asks whether the DNC finance division was aware of Weaver’s allegations.

“Seems awfully unfair and inaccurate,” Tobias said in his email to the other officials.

“This is beyond inaccurate,” said Amy Dacey, the DNC’s chief executive officer, in her reply to Tobias. “I think we need a more aggressive approach to push back on what is just total MISINFORMATION,” she wrote. “Can we have an internal discussion on what needs to happen here? We can’t let this continue on.”

A follow-up email on Dacey’s call for addressing the matter couldn’t immediately be found.

Tobias’ reputation as a dedicated fundraiser for the DNC surfaced in a separate email from him on May 18, 2016, in which he asks Munoz and DNC supporter Stephen Bittel to consider not attending a scheduled June 8 DNC fundraising dinner in Manhattan. President Obama was the guest of honor at the event, which was held at a private home.

“I haven’t seen POTUS [the president] in several months and so was planning to go to the June 8 dinner, right up the street from me,” Tobias said in his email. “[B]ut happily it’s going to be literally sold out so each non-paying attendee costs us ten grand,” he said. “So I’m going to skip it — Ka-Ching! — and invite you to do the same if you think that makes sense. Big hugs all around.”

In separate emails, Meloy addressed a concern raised by Munoz about whether the DNC and Meloy’s LGBT Engagement division were reaching out to LGBT young people and young people in general to ensure that they vote for the Democratic presidential nominee and other Democratic candidates in the states in the November general election.

In his response, Meloy pointed to the DNC’s Millennial Engagement Plan, which he said he would forward to those raising the issue of reaching out to young voters.

“I’m also of the belief that LGBT issues could help bring in some of the voters they are concerned about losing, considering millennials are very strong allies and refuse to support anti-LGBT candidates,” Meloy said in his reply.

A WikiLeaks website page devoted to the leaked DNC emails includes a search box that allows viewers of the site to enter a name to determine whether or how many emails were received or sent by that person. Upon entering the names of the four gay DNC officials, the site reveals the officials received, sent, or were the subject of these numbers of emails: Andy Tobias, 271; Sean Meloy, 121; Henry Munoz, 85; Earl Fowlkes, 38.

The four, who were expected to attend the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

In a statement on its site, WikiLeaks says most of the 19,252 leaked DNC emails came from the accounts of seven key DNC figures, one of whom is identified as the DNC’s Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer.

The DNC website says Comer also serves as the DNC’s LGBT finance director.

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How Bank Of America’s Goons Were Gonna Force Gleen Greenwald to Abandon Support Of Wikileaks

As part of their defensive strategy for client Bank of America, which is queasy over the possibility of Wikileaks having gigabytes of confidential information, financial security/intelligence firms HBGary Federal and Palantir Technologies put together a plan — since exposed by the hackers at Anonymous — to pressure Salon's Glenn Greenwald into sacrificing his support of Wikileaks to save his career. As if those two things could be separated! But there's a PowerPoint presentation and everything, espousing the sort of stuff you only dream shadowy security firms would ever do.


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—  David Taffet

Concerns, Protests Grow Over Wikileaks Soldier Bradley Manning

More concern over the conditions of Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning, which has been called "torture" by Salon's Glenn Greenwald. Now, a psychologists group concurs:

Manning In the latest public pronouncements calling attention to Manning's plight, the Psychologists for Social Responsibility this week sent an open letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying it is "deeply concerned" about Manning's confinement conditions at a military prison at Quantico, Va.

"As an organization of psychologists and other mental health professionals, PsySR is aware that solitary confinement can have severely deleterious effects on the psychological well-being of those subjected to it," the group said. "We therefore call for a revision in the conditions of PFC Manning’s incarceration while he awaits trial, based on the exhaustive documentation and research that have determined that solitary confinement is, at the very least, a form of cruel, unusual and inhumane treatment in violation of U.S. law."

The letter deplores the "needless brutality" of Manning's conditions and says they undermine his right to a fair trial.

According to his lawyer, "Manning is confined in a 6-by-12-foot cell with a bed, a drinking fountain and a toilet for about 23 hours a day. On a " typical day," he is awakened at 5 a.m. and is not allowed to sleep between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.; if he tries to sleep during those hours, guards will make him sit up or stand. He eats all his meals in his cell. He is allowed one hour of "exercise" daily outside his cell, consisting of walking in figure eights in an empty room, according to Coombs. When he goes to sleep, he is required to strip down to his boxer shorts and give his clothing to the guards. He is not allowed to have any personal items in his cell.

David House at FireDogLake, visited Manning, and agrees with the assessments above. Read his extensive report here.

Some have said that Manning's conditions are an effort to get him to name Julian Assange as a conspirator in order to get Assange on espionage charges.

Manning has not been convicted of any crime.

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Watch: Al Jazeera Interviews Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange


Al Jazeera interviews Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Meanwhile, Norway's main business newspaper Aftenposten today became the only media outlet to obtain all 250,000+ Wikileaks cables. What it will do with them is unclear:

Aftenposten news editor Ole Erik Almlid told Dagens Naerings: "We're free to do what we want with these documents … We're free to publish the documents or not publish the documents, we can publish on the internet or on paper. We are handling these documents just like all other journalistic material to which we have gained access."

In related news, the CIA has set up a task force to deal with Wikileaks, called, appropriately, WTF:

"Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it's mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: W.T.F."


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News: Modern Family, Wikileaks, X-Rays, Clay Aiken

 road Linda Evans puts her Beverly Hills home up for sale and it looks nothing like the Carrington mansion.

Mftvguide  road Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet make the cover of TV Guide.

 road Julian Assange on the sexual assault charges against him: "[I am] clearly the victim of a smear campaign. There are intercepted SMS messages between the women and each other and their friends that I am told represent a set-up."

 road Google Labs wants to teach you a thing or two about humany anatomy.

 road A peak into who is watching Sarah Palin's new TV show: "As for gender, just shy of 70 percent of Facebook "likers" are female, and tend to be from the South and Midwest, with Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago boasting the highest numbers."

 road RIP male model Charles Devoe.

 road British politician sent text messages to rival saying that all gay men in Bristol, England should be set on fire.

 road Neil Patrick Harris in an online spat with a soap opera actor.

Jeff  road Clay Aiken's new boyfriend enjoys hanging out in his underwear.

 road Ratings for Larry King's final CNN broadcast were up 100% from the previous night.

 road X-Ray sees through molten metal: "A new high-speed X-ray video camera, now the fastest in the world, can see through molten metal and watch weld-weakening flaws form in real-time. The 0,000 device successfully captured X-ray footage on Nov. 23 at 5,000 frames-per-second (fps), or five times faster than previous X-ray cameras (and 83 times faster than a consumer camcorder)."

 road Harry Reid sends Lady Gaga a tweet after today's Senate repeal of DADT.

 road At this rate, we'll never get to see the Spider-Man musical.

 road Michele Bachmann, who had reportedly wanted a position with the Ways and Means Committee instead gets a spot on the House Intelligence Committee.

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News: Wikileaks, Andy Cohen, Czech Republic, Aspirin, Morrissey

Road Clay Shirky: Wikileaks and the Long Haul. "I am conflicted about the right balance between the visibility required for counter-democracy and the need for private speech among international actors. Here’s what I’m not conflicted about: When authorities can’t get what they want by working within the law, the right answer is not to work outside the law. The right answer is that they can’t get what they want."

Exitwave Road'Exit Wave' wins Photoradar's Digital Camera Photo of the Year award.

RoadCertifiably insane hand model.

Road Lesbian Iraqi couple fears deportation from Sweden.

RoadJames Franco wanted a role in Twilight: "He apparently got so desperate that he reached out to director Bill Condon to cast him – but was turned down."

RoadObama, GOP strike deal on Bush tax cuts.

RoadWATCH: Glee does Britain's X-Factor.

RoadCracks delay launch of first privately funded spacecraft into orbit.

RoadDaily aspirin linked to steep drop in cancer risk: "Specifically, a British research team unearthed evidence that a low-dose aspirin (75 milligrams) taken daily for at least five years brings about a 10 percent to 60 percent drop in fatalities depending on the type of cancer."

Morrissey RoadMorrissey and Johnny Marr will not allow conservative PM David Cameron liking The Smiths' music: "I beg you to notice the unbearable dimension of sorrow that David Cameron is attempting to inflict upon British wildlife."

RoadLance Bass: Adopt, don't buy, dogs.

RoadNew HIV network forms in Asia.

RoadHoward Stern to iTunes? "The shock jock has been in negotiations for a new contract with Sirius XM Radio (his multi-year, 0 million deal expires at year's end), but there still isn't news from the company about renewing the partnership. The silence on a new contract means the network is missing the chance to snap up new subscriptions this holiday season, and many believe it's a surefire signal that Sirius is seriously in trouble, i.e., about to lose their biggest star. In the meantime, a rumor that Apple could snag the self-proclaimed "King of All Media" in a new 0 million deal has suddenly gained major traction."

Road Hayden Christensen vanishes on 7th street.

RoadWe Were Here documentary looks at AIDS epidemic in San Francisco.

Cohen RoadAndy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live gets five-night-a-week tryout.

RoadCzech authorities condemned for arousal test on gay asylum seekers: "The process, called phallometric testing, involves measuring sexual arousal by monitoring blood flow into the penis. In this case gay asylum seekers are shown heterosexual pornography to see if they get an erection. If the claimant becomes aroused, their chances of asylum become less likely."

RoadDancing with the Stars won't be hosting a same-sex competitive couple: "If Portia had agreed then this would have been a done deal. She was the only star that could have pulled this off without completely offending the program's conservative viewers."

RoadHellboy star Ron Perlman dons drag for new film: "I'm wearing a dress, a wig, I had my legs, chest and arms shaved. I had a beautiful pedicure and a lovely manicure, and I was the ugliest woman you've ever seen in your life, which is why I took the job. They offered me two different roles and I went for the transsexual because I felt like when the door opens and you see that it's me, it should get a 'Yuck!'"

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Diplomacy, State Dept. Exposed in 250,000+ Wikileaks Cable Dump

More than a quarter of a million diplomatic cables containing messages between the State department and embassies around the world have been released by

The NYT: Manning

Some of the cables, made available to The New York Times and several other news organizations, were written as recently as late February, revealing the Obama administration’s exchanges over crises and conflicts. The material was originally obtained by WikiLeaks, an organization devoted to revealing secret documents. WikiLeaks posted 220 cables, some redacted to protect diplomatic sources, in the first installment of the archive on its Web site on Sunday.

The disclosure of the cables is sending shudders through the diplomatic establishment, and could strain relations with some countries, influencing international affairs in ways that are impossible to predict.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and American ambassadors around the world have been contacting foreign officials in recent days to alert them to the expected disclosures. A statement from the White House on Sunday said: “We condemn in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents and sensitive national security information.”

The White House said the release of what it called “stolen cables” to several publications was a “reckless and dangerous action” and warned that some cables, if released in full, could disrupt American operations abroad and put the work and even lives of confidential sources of American diplomats at risk. The statement noted that reports often include “candid and often incomplete information” whose disclosure could “deeply impact not only U.S. foreign policy interests, but those of our allies and friends around the world.”

The NYT has deeper details on a handful of the cables.

Here's a point-by-point guide from the BBC.

Ben Smith notes that the leaks went simultaneously to four European papers and the NYT:

The Times, Le Monde, and The Guardian led with the fact of the leaks and broke the details into separate stories, with the Times, El Pais, and the Guardian placing particular emphasis (at least at this hour) on the revelation that Secretary Clinton instructed diplomats to spy. Like The Guardian, Der Spiegel saw a "disaster" for American foreign policy, but also was quite excited about the German angle: Which politician said what to the American ambassador.

And El Pais was alone in taking something of a grand unified theory — and WikiLeaks' own take – from the release, in its deck: "The cables…reveal espionage, secret maneuvering, and corruption."

Gay private Bradley Manning remains the prime suspect in the Wikileaks data dump, which was allegedly transferred on CDs labeled "Lady Gaga":

"According to a computer chat log published in June by Wired News, soldier Bradley Manning bragged to Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned him in, that he was going to unleash 'worldwide anarchy in CSV [comma separated value] format.' 'Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format, to the public,' Manning said. 'Everywhere there's a US post, there's a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed.' Manning, 22, has been in solitary confinement for the past seven months."

More on Manning's troubled gay past here.

Check out a report on the release of the cables from Al Jazeera, AFTER THE JUMP

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News: Annie Lennox, Winona Ryder, Lightning, Wikileaks

 road Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and other celebrities have put their tweeting on pause until they raise million for the Keep a Child Alive charity before World AIDS Day on Tuesday.

Annie  road Annie Lennox on life actually being easier if she were gay: "It's not like I think being gay could be an alternative, 'cos it isn't. I sometimes wish it would have been 'cos it would have made life easier…I think that for 90, maybe even 95 per cent, of women, men are a huge disappointment in relationship terms."

 road The Kimpton hotel group tops gay and lesbian traveler list: "Of all the hotel brands, (Kimpton is) the most active in LGBT community," Paisley says. "They have a website, they sponsor tons of events and they advertise in gay and lesbian media."

 road Lesbian couple bravely come out publicly in Botswana where homosexuality is illegal.

 road Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair debate religion. Says Hitchens: "Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects, in a cruel experiment, whereby we are created sick, and commanded to be well."

 road Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift get caffeinated.

Lightning  road 309,959,570 lightning strikes.

 road Entertainment Weekly declares The Walking Dead “the best new show on TV.”

 road Winona Ryder on the "gay" controversy surrounding her upcoming movie The Dilemma: "It's just crazy because I'm very sensitive to that issue and if I thought something was offensive I wouldn't want to be part of it. Plus all my gay friends use that word all the time so [protesters will] have to go and give them a hard time too."

 road The latest Wikileaks documents are here.

 road Apparently some people have enough spare time that they can go about claiming ownership of the sun.

 road Sarah Palin's new book – the Cliff Notes version.

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News: Joe Rogan, Squid Worm, Wikileaks, Polar Bears, Brazil

Road Burlesque vs. Showgirls: The Face-Off.

Rogan RoadUFC commentator Joe Rogan enjoys the F-word "immensely", apologizes for using it: "As for my use of the offensive word 'f**got' please accept my apologies and replace it with 'c**k-sucker.'"

RoadDennis Rodman "serviced" during interview.

RoadWikiLeaks promises new release "7 times" greater than Iraq war logs: "We anticipate that the release could negatively impact U.S. foreign relations. We will brief you once we have a better understanding of what documents the WikiLeaks publication contains."

RoadStudy: Polar Bears to lose out to Grizzlies in battle for land, resources.

RoadIran parliament moves to impeach Ahmadinejad.

RoadUgly Betty actor Michael Brea decapitated mom with samurai sword while reciting Bible verses: "I had just dozed off to go to sleep and then I woke up to somebody screaming," said Bernard Bent, another resident. "It sounded like a lady's voice and after a while I just didn't hear the woman's voice again."

RoadWatch: Black-Eyed Peas debut video for "The Time".

Squidworm RoadScientists discover deep sea 'Squid Worm'.

RoadNicki Minaj says to expect a gay rapper: “I think we just have to be open-minded. You know, we have to do whatwe do, and not worry about what they accept.”

RoadJustic Scalia slams "living constitution" which has led to decriminalized homosexual conduct.

RoadGarrett Hedlund is country strong.

RoadFormer Catholic priest caught hiring a hit man to kill teen who accused him of sexual abuse: "Authorities said John Fiala first offered the job to a neighbor, who blew the whistle and helped police arrange a sting. They said Fiala got as far as negotiating a ,000 price for the slaying before investigators moved in. The 52-year-old clergyman was arrested Nov. 18 at his suburban Dallas home and jailed on 0,000 bail. In April, he was named in a lawsuit filed by the boy's family, which accused Fiala of molesting the youth, including twice forcing him to have sex at gunpoint."

Maupin_mckellen RoadIan McKellen and Armistead Maupin, together at last.

RoadJared Leto strips to the waist for "Hurricane" video.

RoadNew footage of gay bashings in Sao Paulo. Rio victim speaks: "He was taken to a deserted location, and forced to eat dirt and drink a glass of gasoline. The three men also threatened to rape him with a bar of steel so he could feel 'how good it is to be gay'. The attack lasted for about ten minutes, when Daniel was rescued by a truck driver who was passing by."

RoadFilipino "expert" Stress leads to homosexuality.

RoadJim Carrey says there are no hard feelings over his scolding of David Letterman, after Letterman asked him about playing a gay man: "He honestly said to me that he's been watching me for a long time and that this movie was really special and he thought it was the best thing I've ever done. [Letterman] was super, super, super supportive of it."

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