Dallas Gay Basketball Association revs up with two events this week

With all the sports leagues in the LGBT community here, we’ve long been without a basketball one — until now. As one of the organizers of the new Dallas Gay Basketball Association, Steven Coleman has been helping to get the word out on the new league. The interest is there. Coleman guesstimated about 40 people showed up to DGBA’s open gym session last week at Reverchon Rec Center.

“This is something we need here,” he said.

DBGA’s mission as posted on their Facebook page reads:

The Dallas Gay Basketball Association was founded in 2012. This league was created for LGBTAQ men and women to create an atmosphere for athletes. In hopes of strengthening a community and providing alternative option for socializing within the gay community. The league invites all skill levels, and encourages new members.

According to Coleman, they’ve been in talks with DIVA citing their structure as a direction DGBA may borrow from. That makes total sense seeing how successful the volleyball association is in expanding its membership practically each new season. DGBA will serve as a co-ed league for teams. Whether Reverchon will be the only location for play was not mentioned.

DGBA gets social tonight (Wednesday) by hosting a meet and greet at Woody’s at 6 p.m. Organizers will be there to answer questions and encourage enrollment. They follow up with another open gym session on Thursday at Reverchon where interested persons can sign up with the league. The only requirement at this point is to have a card issued by the rec center (city of Dallas) to play.

Coleman provided pics from last week’s open gym. See those after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Get ready to Frolick!

Members of North Texas Council of Club's Fall Frolick Committee are: from left, Gaylon Maddox, Larry Harrell, Dan Nagel, Pancho Loza, Adam Lynn, Mike Hensley, Dan Perry, Marshal Styers and Wayne Davis.

The North Texas Council of Clubs is trying out something new this weekend with their “Fall Frolick” weekend, beginning tonight.

The event, which event chairman Dan Perry said will hopefully become an annual gathering, is three days of cocktail parties, meals and fellowship. “No contests, no classes. Just people getting together for a weekend to have a lot of fun,” Perry said.

Everything begins tonight, with registration opening at 6 p.m., at Club Reflections in Fort Worth (with free shuttle bus service from The Hidden Door for all you Dallasites who want to visit Cowtown without the hassle of driving.)

Then on Saturday morning, the party moves to Woody’s in Dallas from 9 to noon, then to the Round-Up Saloon at 1 p.m. The party winds up for the night at Dallas Eagle. Sunday begins with lunch at noon and the Fall Frolick Follies at 1 at Station 4. The party moves to The Hidden Door at 3 and winds up back at Dallas Eagle with the Sinners Sunday Social and barbecue at 6 p.m. and TGRA’s “Thanks for the Giving” show at 7 p.m.

And the perhaps the best thing about the weekend is that you get all this for just $10 for those from Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Denton, Johnson, Parker and Wise Counties. Anyone coming in from outside those counties gets in for free!

Go to the Fall Frolick website to get a complete schedule, and you can also read up on the North Texas Council of Clubs while you’re there. Now in its fourth year, the council comprises a variety of  leather, bear, cowboy and drag groups from around DFW primarily to “foster brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie among member organizations and other organizations, associations, courts, local bars and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth community.” The council’s second main effort is its Community Calendar, created to help council members keep track of what’s happening around the Metroplex and avoid conflict schedules so that each members of each organization are more easily able to attend and participate in events planned by other organizations.

NTCC currently has 22 member organizations, and you can see who they are — and link to their individual websites — here.

—  admin

As Amy Winehouse is laid to rest, reader takes offense to drag show mocking singer at Woody’s

Singer Amy Winehouse was laid to rest today in London. Her official cause of death awaits toxicology results, which will take 2-4 weeks. But this story from ABC News suggests that it may not have been a drug overdose, as many have assumed. Winehouse could have suffered a seizure caused by asthma or emphysema related to smoking, or an arrhythmia stemming from an eating disorder.

Regardless, one Instant Tea Reader is taking offense to a drag performance on Saturday at Woody’s in Dallas in which performers reportedly mocked Winehouse’s longtime battle with substance abuse. DV staffer Chance Browning happened to be at the show that night, and he captured the photo at right of a Winehouse impersonator lying face down on the stage. Instant Tea reader Robert L. Dee wrote the following of the performance:

On Saturday evening, June 23, 2011, some friends and I attended the Comedy Roast Benefit Show for SheGotta Mustache at Woody’s. For the most part the show was entertaining, but a certain part should have been left out. To make fun of anyone who has died the way Amy Winehouse did was just too much. As far as we were concerned it was insensitive and very offensive. For someone to dress up like her and lie face down on the stage and make light of her death was going way overboard. I chose to leave at that time not wanting to witness this act. Drug abuse is a big problem in this community and it often results in accidental overdoses. For a bar in this community to make fun of it is really thoughtless. Maybe I’m being a little thin-skinned about this but I have lost some good friends to drug abuse. How would the people who put on this show feel if someone who had just died of cancer or some other horrible disease were put on the floor face down and ridiculed about how she or he died? The management of Woody’s and the people who put on this show should apologize for that distasteful act and should put on a fund raiser for D.A.R.E.

—  John Wright

Jack’s Backyard kinda finds a home at Woody’s

Although it’s hardly a backyard, Jack’s is setting up shop in Woody’s. The JB peeps posted on their Facebook that their first day as Jack’s Back Patio is this Saturday and that the originally scheduled band, Ciao Bella, will perform. Not bad for a quick turnaround. By the sounds of it, even former JB employees will be helping out with the drinks.

We have calls to both JB owner Kathy Jack and investor/property owner Marla Custard about what exactly transpired before the club’s closing on Sunday. But it looks like Jack’s fans can still get a little bit of the backyard action for now.

—  Rich Lopez

‘Brand new’ Stonewall Young Democrats chapter to meet tonight at Woody’s — and ‘the cocktails will be flowing’

Only in its second year, Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats already has its third president.

Founding President Travis Gasper moved back to Colorado, then his successor Matt Burckhalter moved to Fort Worth. But the group is pressing on and promises something new and completely different for tonight’s inaugural meeting under President Pennington Ingley.

DSYD Treasurer Justin Williams, whose Uptown Title offices share a building with the Instant Tea Brewery, forwarded this message from Vice President Brian Stout:

“We’ve been working hard the past few weeks to turn the organization around and build momentum, and all the change will culminate in our next meeting which happens this evening at Woody’s,” Stout said. “We also have a brand new vibe and meeting format, which includes ditching the old formal agenda in favor of organized discussion (a new topic every month), and breaking out into small groups to plan upcoming events.”

DSYD previously met at Ojeda’s — the same location as its parent chapter. But who really needs to eat? And we’re all for ditching agendas! Stout referred us to the Facebook event page, which clarifies that the meeting will be at 8 p.m. on the back patio and confirms that the “cocktails will be flowing”:

“It’s a brand new DSYD! We have new leadership, a new format, and a whole different vibe.

“We’ll start off with a passionate political discussion on Obama and the national progression toward LGBT Equality, including ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and how we plan to help.

“Next we’ll discuss opportunities to get involved with exciting upcoming political, social and community service events, such as our July retreat in Austin with our peer organizations in Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

“Finally, we’ll end with breakout planning sessions, when we’ll divide up into small groups to actually make change and plan events like our upcoming Red Party.

“And in typical Dallas style, the cocktails will be flowing.

“So even if you’ve given us a chance before, here’s your big chance to be a part of our new group as we embark on a whole new era.”

—  John Wright

TBRU XV: Bears are welcomed to Dallas with Bill Shafer's annual Bearaoke

Local musician Bill Shafer welcomed all incoming bears to Texas Bear Round-Up with his annual Bearaoke event at Woody’s this past Thursday. He caught a few of the performances on video which you can watch on his YouTube channel. But I was pretty moved by this rendition of “Killing Me Softly” that had turned into a a bar singalong.

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—  Rich Lopez