Mason Wyler: Why I’m Returning To Porn As An HIV+ Bareback Performer

On Sunday Queerty published a post about hypocrisy of some gay porn studios claiming to care about their performers' HIV health while not insisting on blanket condom use. Mason Wyler, the HIV-positive porn star, drafted a response.

Last week, released a scene I did in December with owner Owen Hawk and his boyfriend Brandon Hawk. Condoms were not used during the shoot. I don't have any sort of ideological reason behind why I chose to do what I did but I do have reasons.

I did it because my career had been at a standstill (or dead) for nearly nine months. I sent out emails, made phone calls, and tweeted to little or no avail. I got offers from plenty of bareback studios but the big studios, which are "safe-sex" studios, weren't interested. There are many justifications as to why my time in the mainstream part of the industry is seemingly over. I don't look as good as I used to… especially compared to who's out there today. I've worked for nearly every major studio/website there is when companies covet exclusivity. I make headlines and gain attention for horrible things. I'm HIV Positive and everybody knows it. I've been in this business for six years, that's a long time for porn, maybe too long but I can't bring myself to throw in the towel so when gave me an offer too good to refuse, I took it. I love having sex on camera and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. Not yet anyway.


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—  David Taffet

News flash: Gays more humane than straights

The Humane Society of the United States presents the Genesis Awards, similar to the GLAAD Media Awards, to recognize outstanding presentations of the humane treatment of animals. And it’s no surprise — at least not to me and the gay vegans I know that gay-run businesses and gay-themed shows figure prominently in this year’s finalists.

Among them: How to Train Your Dragon is up for best feature film (it’s produced by DreamWorks, which is owned by gay mogul David Geffen); True Blood is up for best dramatic series (created by gay Oscar winner Alan Ball and with plenty o’ queer vamps, pictured); the Sid Caesar Comedy Award is between gay-friendly shows The Colbert Report, The Simpsons and The Daily Show; and TV newsmagazine faces off gay host Anderson Cooper of AC360 again lesbian host Jane Velez-Mitchell of Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. And the schmancy Wyler Award goes to Kristin Davis of Sex and the City for her work bringing awareness to orphaned elephants. (It’s such a Charlotte thing to worry about orphaned elephants). Previous winners of the Wyler Award include Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Di Rossi.

The awards will be presented March 19 in Los Angeles.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones