YACHT tonight at Club Dada

Sail away, sail away

Head on down to Deep Ellum for the ultra queer friendly and eclectically spiritual, YACHT. Their Shangri-La Tour stops in Dallas bringing a night of experimental pop and all around coolness.

They have a thing with triangles and usually spell their name Y4CHT or Y∆CHT. Why the caps? Oh, it just stands for Young Americans Challenging High Technology. Cool, huh? Be there.

DEETS: With Onuinu and Zhora. Club Dada, 2720 Elm St. 8 p.m. $12–$14. TacticsProductions.com.

—  Rich Lopez

LISTEN: Yacht ‘Breaking the Law’ with JP cover

Paste posted this audio clip of eclectic duo Yacht covering Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” today. The band, who has described themselves as “straight gays,” covered this song for their appearance on SiriusXMU. Yacht’s newest release, Shangri-La, drops Wednesday.

I’d love to hear what singer Rob Halford, who is gay, has to think about his heavy metal classic being turned into electro indie pop. Personally, it’s kinda growing on me.

—  Rich Lopez

We’ll let you jump to the conclusions after seeing these Queen Latifah pics

Over on DimeWars, the site posted these pics of Queen Latifah hanging out with The Secret Life of Bees costar Alicia Keys on a yacht apparently celebrating Keys’ honeymoon. But the money shot was of Latifah getting pretty cozy with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

Latifah has been mum about her sexual identity over the years and has sidestepped questions about her personal love life, but we can’t help but speculate with this sweet shot of her and Jenkins — even if we happen to be taking it out of context.

Queen Latifah, Jeanette Jenkins

—  Rich Lopez