Yo! Majesty reunites with single and tour

Queer hip-hoppers Yo! Majesty have announced their reunion with both a new track and a tour. The last we heard from Shunda K and Shon B officially was back in 2008 with their release Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid. Although you could count the group’s cameo appearance on Star Guitar’s song Flavor from this spring. K also dropped her full-length album, The Most Wanted, as a full-fledged solo artist.

But just before the long weekend, I got the note that the two are back together and although they aren’t hitting Dallas, they head to Austin’s Beauty Bar this Friday. K does double duty rapping solo as the opener on the entire tour. Their entire itinerary is after the jump.

And here’s “Cherry Pop,” the track release by the duo previewing a new album. The dance-hop track is somewhat addictive with some major high energy. We’ll see how the album plays out.

Yo! Majesty – Cherry Pop by fanaticpro

—  Rich Lopez

Shunda K debuts new video and set to play SXSW

Now that Shunda K has gone solo, she’s making sure she has a heavy impact on the industry and that looks like she’s starting with her first video from her new solo album The Most Wanted. This is her contribution to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign, but it’s a lot heavier than just giving viewers the message.

Shunda K’s “I’m Da Best” clip is a direct assault on the Westboro Baptist Church (WIKI) and concerns a young boy who is harassed by his peers, faces even more tension at home and how, with the help of his faith and the support of his role model Shunda K, he overcomes these obstacles to stand tall. The video is Shunda K’s contribution to the ongoing “It Gets Better” Project (itgetsbetter.org) started by famed syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage as a place where young people who are lesbian, gay, bi, or trans can see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future.

You can catch Shunda K at SXSW in a couple of week at the Art Disaster event at the Beauty Bar March 15. If anything, she’s one of the first real gay acts I’ve found at SXSW this year. I’m sure there are more, but damn if its hard to pinpoint those smaller bands.

—  Rich Lopez