Tex’n the City: Doomsday

Our final installment of of Brandon James Singleton’s Tex’n the City.


6. DRAMA FREE/7. RESPECT. These two came about so easily and without me even realizing it. First, the people in my life don’t bring unneeded drama to me. And I now can settle with straying away from getting involved.

Does that mean we don’t share our worries and conflicts with one another? No. I’m still there for all of my friends. It’s just now, I know what I can take on, and what I can’t. And because they love me, I’m not even asked to take on more than I should. As for myself, one of my rules has become, “Don’t put anything out into the universe that you can’t handle coming back at you.”

Petty gossiping. Backstabbing. Lying. Manipulation. All traits no one wants in a friend. So, when you do those things yourself, you have to be prepared for someone around you to do it.

Easy solution: Be legit. All the time. To the people around you, and yourself.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones