The blood is on their hands

Posted on 13 Dec 2009 at 9:37am
Rod Dreher
Rod Dreher

A few weeks ago I noted that bigoted, hate-mongering Dallas Morning News op-ed columnist Rod Dreher is leaving the newspaper at the end of the year. But you had to know Dreher wouldn’t go quietly. In fact, ever since I found out Dreher was leaving, I’ve been bracing myself as I open The DMN’s Sunday Points section, knowing there would be a few more hateful, hurtful, harmful attacks on LGBT citizens. Today one of them came, and this time, Dreher takes on the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, an organization that seeks to protect the most vulnerable in our community, LGBT youth. I’ll spare you the details of Dreher’s column, which can be summarized by saying that he accuses GLSEN of “sexualizing” schoolchidren. (Gee, how fucking original!) But I do want to address one tactic that Dreher and other anti-gay bigots frequently use. Toward the end of the column Dreher acknowledges that he’ll be called a bigot for his views, and suggests that if that’s the case, he’ll wear it as a “badge of honor.” In other words, he’s the bully playing the victim. But instead of feeding this tactic by continuing to refer to Dreher as a bigot, I’m gonna start calling him something else. As some of you may know, the suicide rate among LGBT youth is three times as high as the suicide rate among straight youth, and it’s time to stop pulling punches. From now on, I’m referring to not only bigots like Dreher, but also newspapers that give them a forum for their hate speech, as ACCESSORIES TO MURDER. Try that badge on for size, you unenlightened prick.реклама на щитах стоимостьпроверить скорость интернета и пинг



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