Turns out, everyone knew anti-gay Sen. Roy Ashburn was gay, but nobody said anything

Posted on 05 Mar 2010 at 7:39am
Roy Ashburn
Roy Ashburn

Two newspapers and the openly gay mayor of West Sacramento knew that California State Sen. Roy Ashburn was gay and said nothing about it, despite Ashburn’s anti-gay voting record. As Tammye noted below, Ashburn was arrested Wednesday on a DUI charge after leaving a gay bar. He had an unidentified man in the car with him. Here’s blogger Joe Jervis’ reaction to the news that no one spoke up:

At this moment, I’m not so interested in the detestable Roy Ashburn and his pathetic defense of “I was voting the way my constituents wanted.” Because to my mind, the biggest story here isn’t Ashburn’s closeted homosexuality and anti-gay voting record. As we all know, that is a story we have seen a hundred times. And will see a hundred times more. The REAL story here is the media’s collusion and the conspiracy of silence on the part of our own people. Folks, when you know somebody is actively working day and night to thwart the rights of your FAMILY, of your PEOPLE, you fucking say something.

Folks, if you have solid evidence about a possibly closeted lawmaker in Texas who is actively working against LGBT equality, please call us. And yes, that includes Gov. Rick Perry.online for mobiконтекстная реклама яндекс цены

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