Why I have never been a blind Obamaniac

Posted on 03 Apr 2009 at 11:31pm

Wow, the Iowa decision is quite a coup — hard to argue that the ultimate Midwestern state is predictably liberal and out of touch like the coasts (California, New York). Perfect day to really congratulate us on our growing rights.

But here’s Obama’s official (read: candyass) reaction:

“The President respects the decision of the Iowa Supreme Court, and continues to believe that states should make their own decisions when it comes to the issue of marriage. Although President Obama supports civil unions rather than same-sex marriage, he believes that committed gay and lesbian couples should receive protection under the law.”

UPDATE: After a number of gay bloggers pointed out that the final words of the statement mentioned only “protection under the law” — as opposed to EQUAL protection — the White House issued a revised statement. Did they insert the equal? Yes… and no. It now reads, “he believes that committed gay and lesbian couples should receive equal RIGHTS under the law.”

Trust me, this is not minor — equal protection is a constitutional standard; equal rights is politispeak.

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