Dallas Voice food drive for the AIDS Food Pantry
Dallas Voice food drive for the AIDS Food Pantry

When Bill Nelson and William Waybourn owned Crossroads Market, some of our friends were getting sick. They lost their jobs and they were going hungry. Bill put a box out front for food donations and later moved it to a shelf in the back of the store. He tacked a sign to a shelf that read, “Leave a can. Take a can.”

That’s how the food pantry was born. In 1985, the pantry moved from a shelf in Crossroads Market to the space behind TapeLenders.

In last week’s paper, John Wright reported on the increasing need and decreasing donations at the North Texas FoodBank and the AIDS Food Pantry.

In this week’s paper, Dallas Voice begins a six-part series on holiday giving. But rather than just report on what others are doing, we decided to do something ourselves. We began our own food drive for the food pantry this week.

Although we’re just a small office, we can make a difference. We invite others in our building to contribute. Our readers and advertisers are invited to participate as well. If our office is more conveniently located to you than the food pantry, please stop by. Drop off a few cans. Greg and Chance in classifieds sit up front. Terry’s at the front desk. We’re on the third floor of the gray building behind Zippers (4145 Travis St.)

Or start a canned food drive in your own store, office or among your friends! The need is greater than ever.

From the Resource Center’s web site:

Pantry Wish List Items:
  • CANNED MEATS: Tuna, chicken, chili, Spam
  • DRY STAPLES: Rice, beans, pasta
  • CONDIMENTS: Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, sugar

— David Taffet

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