Rep. Christine Johnson
Rep. Christine Johnson

Utah law does not allow adoption by gay parents nor does it allow second parent adoption.

So Rep. Christine Johnson is doing something about it. The Salt Lake City Democrat was inseminated and is carrying a baby for a gay couple. The baby is due in June. She is not charging the couple for her surrogacy although they are paying the medical bills.

Johnson is lesbian and has a 17-year old daughter.

Another Utah representative, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, is trying to amend state law to allow second-parent adoptions when a biological parent designates an unmarried partner as the second, adoptive parent.

Johnson has proposed legislation similar to Salt Lake City’s new ordinance that bans housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

So Utah is debating a non-discrimination ordinance and Texas isn’t. And Utah has a lesbian legislator and Texas doesn’t. Actually, Utah has three LGBT legislators. Sen. Scott McCoy and Rep. Jackie Biskupski are the others.сопровождение сайта это