Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh
Radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh

Usually, when one right-wing nut job puts his foot in his mouth and gets called out on it, the others shut up. Not this time.

Earlier this week, Pat Robertson said that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by the Haitians who made a pact with Satan to get rid of French rule.

So along comes Rush Limbaugh. In the face of the greatest loss of life since the tsunami, the most destruction in this hemisphere since Katrina, the utter devastation and complete loss of their government infrastructure, hospitals, homes … we get this.

The earthquake was “made to order” by Obama. OK, so he’s not saying Obama caused the tsunami. Robertson cleared that up for us earlier this week. That pact with Satan actually caused the tsunami. Limbaugh is angry because any relief effort by the United States will make Obama look good.

So he’s out to stop it. Don’t donate, he said. “We’ve already donated to Haiti, it’s called the US income tax.”

Wow. I’ve been getting slammed because I recommended donating through the Rainbow Fund to bundle LGBT dollars. I recommended giving to CARE, which is 100% volunteer, is in Haiti already distributing food and 100% of your relief dollars go toward aid. I recommended giving to Mazon, which also provides food aid, gets the money where it’s needed fast, has helped here in Dallas and was co-founded by a member of Dallas’ Congregation Beth El Binah.

However, I didn’t recommend one particular agency. I didn’t say don’t give to them. I didn’t give reasons they’re not my favorite until their volunteers kept pushing me for it. I simply recommended a variety of other agencies that are in Haiti now helping and said give here, here, here and here. WOW.

And with his outrageous statement, Limbaugh will make the news, keep a number of people from donating in the name of hurting Obama and not only be allowed to continue polluting the PUBLIC airwaves but next year can negotiate an even larger contract. His salary is estimated at $33 million per year (not including fees for speaking engagements, book royalties, investments).

So here’s my suggestion. Give to Rainbow Fund. They bundle LGBT dollars and steer the money to other groups with particular immediate needs that provide relief without discrimination. And do it in Limbaugh’s name. Let him know that his words are generating donations, not stopping for boysпродвижение сайта реклама