As part of my job, I have to access the media Web sites for TV shows and by far — by far —  the CBS-owned Web sites are incompetent, user-unfriendly, poorly organized and generally frustrating. And now, not even accurate.

While trying to access it this week to get photography for a story (which I wasn’t able to do because … well, nevermind), I came upon the welcome screen above, where CBS is crowing about the ratings success of the season debut of “Survivor” on Thursday.  Only problem is, the dumbasses at CBS DON’T EVEN KNOW THE NAME OF THEIR OWN @#%!* SERIES!!!!

As you can see, they’re pleased about the numbers for “Survivor: Gabon — Garden of Eden.” Only thing is, this season is called “Survivor: Gabon — Earth’s Last Eden,” and has been promoted as such all summer long. So, the suits at CBS don’t watch their own promos. And their incompetence won’t allow me to download a photo of the uber-gay contestant on the series to promote their show… which they don’t know the name of. Worst of all, it’s been several days and the network STILL HAS NOT CORRECTED THE SITE!

Let’s hope their news division isn’t as brain-dead about their facts. раскрутка сайта яндекс недорого