If you like gay politics and Mexican food, you might want to stop by Stonewall Democrats of Dallas’ regular monthly meeting Tuesday night at Ojeda’s Restaurant in Oak Lawn. It should be an interesting meeting because one member of North Texas’ largest LGBT political group says he plans to try to block the group’s proposed endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Last month, a Stonewall committee recommended that the group endorse Clinton over Barack Obama in the March 4 Democratic primary. However, the committee’s recommendation must be ratified by Stonewall’s full membership, which can instead opt not to make an endorsement. “I’m going to try block us endorsing a presidential candidate,” said Stonewall member Hardy Haberman, an Obama supporter. “We’ll see if it turns into a fight or not.” If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can always read about it in this week’s print edition of Dallas Voice.

—John Wrighthackaskseo цены