Stories about LGBT youth being murdered and assaulted in anti-gay crimes or about youngsters committing or trying to

Shannon Barry, photo by Larry Wong of the Edmonton Journal
Shannon Barry, photo by Larry Wong of the Edmonton Journal

commit suicide after being relentlessly bullied have been making headlines continuously for months now. Now out of Edmonton comes a story that shows the flip side of how anti-gay bigotry and hatred are damaging our children.

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault in connection with a recent attack on a 31-year-old lesbian.

Shannon Barry told police she was walking along on Edmonton street in the early morning hours of April 17 when a group of men began yelling homophobic slurs at her and then attacked her. During the assault she was kicked in the face, a blow that broke her jaw and the bone under her left eye. Barry had to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the damage and may have lasting nerve damage, according to a report by Andrea Sands in the Edmonton Journal.

The article also noted that the police officer investigating the case complicated matters for Barry by not completing his report before leaving for several days off, and that Edmonton police seem hesitant to classify the attack as a hate crime.размещение рекламы на транспортепродвижение сайтов в соц сетях